Month: May 2013


😛 I missed Tuesday. Completely forgot. So I am going to do just a post during the week.

Today, I don’t really know what to post about, so I will tell you about some of my favorite fiction authors, both the pros and cons.

To begin with:

Wayne Thomas Batson, Author of The Door Within Trilogy, The Isle series, The Dark Sea Annals, The Skeleton Project, and more.

Pros: He is awesome. His books and stories draw you in, and are practically impossible to put down for long. He is one of the strongest Christian Fantasy authors I have read. He likes red headed girl in his books, many of whose names start with “A”. His characters aren’t perfect, which is very nice. In fact, his main character in one of his series is a reformed, drinking, assassin. And he is awesome. 😀 All of his books honor God, though He has different names in the different series.

Cons: His books are gory and violent. Especially the Dark Sea Annals. There is also a fair amount of kissing, and usually, the characters aren’t married–yet. I would urge caution in letting children who are not mature read them. Again, especially not the Dark Sea Annals. (Boy, this is hard.) I like them though.

Now, on to Bryan Davis, another of my favorite Christian Fantasy authors. He has authored the Dragons in Our Midst, Oracles of Fire and Children of the Bard series and many more.

Pros: These books (the ones mentioned above total ten books) are clean, pure, with little violence, and good characters. Walter is awesome. He is my all-time favorite character in the whole series.

Cons: While the characters are good, some of them are too good. Others are somewhat jerks. Bryan Davis also has a fondness for having main characters die and then be resurrected. Though about four actually do die. Others appear to die, but really are sent to another dimension. So often, that pretty much whenever someone dies, you can bet that they’ll be back! One person coming back is not bad, but that many? Also, there are a few scenes from the Bible that have been slightly altered, so they are still Biblical, but there is some added elements. Such as dragons.
The series is all about dragons. But don’t worry! Most of them are good! Except, um, the one possessed by, um, satan. Again, caution for younger children. These series are for mature teens. If there are young, mature, Biblically grounded children, that is fine. Just be careful. But with all this, I recommend his books! They have helped me develop a closer relationship with God. And they make me cry. With joy, anger, and heart-wrenching sadness. (Just thinking about it makes me want to cry!)

Another of my favorite fiction (non-Christian) authors is Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall series, as well as The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series.

Pros: The Redwall books are about woodland creatures such as mice, hedgehogs, moles, squirrels, otters, badgers, and many more, with the villains composed of rats, searats, weasels, stoats, wildcats, and more. Other, some friendly, some not, characters are birds. Birds from crows to falcons to geese to owls to eagles, my favorite. Oh, and there is at least one heron. Oh, I can’t forget the evil snakes! Those are creepy. The friendly creatures dwell in a place in the woods called Redwall Abbey. There is the Father Abbot, or Mother Abbess, the Foremole, a digger who heads a digging crew, the Cellar-hog or mole, who brews drinks, then the Friar, who rules the kitchens, the Recorder, who writes down all that happens at the Abbey, and is in charge of the library. Then there is the Sister or Brother who is in charge of the Dibbuns. More on them later. Then the Herbalists, in charge of the Abbey’s infirmary. Then the Skipper of Otters, an otter in charge of a group of otters that live in the Abbey. Now, the Dibbuns. A name that was given to the youngest Abbey dwellers. Adorable and mischievous, they are my favorite.

The stories all follow a young creature from the Abbey or Salamandastron. They cross paths with the villain, who usually ends up heading towards the Abbey. The young creature usually becomes possessed by the spirit of Martin the Warrior, and wields his sword.  They defeat the villain, and return to the Abbey.

Cons: While Brian Jacques is an excellent author, he is not a christian. As a result, the creatures believe in “Mother Nature”, and Martin the Warrior is a god-figure to them. This is not a big problem, so long as you disregard it, or understand that “Mother Nature” is nonexistent.

So, there you have it: Three of my favorite fantasy authors. Maybe next week I’ll do my favorite fiction authors, or my favorite non-fiction authors.


I know, I missed yesterday. But I was gone all day, and when I got back, I had to practice violin for my music lesson last night. And when I got home, I was too tired to think about it. So I am doing a post today, and switching blogging days to Tuesday, because on Thursdays I shall be going to help out with my dad’s tile store.

Anyway, I do have a topic this week: Trusting God, and surrendering myself and my desires to Him, forgiveness vs. bitterness, etc…

I am by no means perfect, and if you were to randomly drop by and stay with us for a few weeks, you would see what I mean. I have trouble forgiving people who have hurt me, and by God’s grace I am learning to forgive. A very difficult lesson. As I wrote in my journal recently “I don’t want to be a bitter woman, I want to be a woman with Your love flowing in me, and out.” And His forgiveness. And He will help me, if I ask for it. Which I am.

On Monday, I was idly thinking about a personal matter, and God told me to trust Him about it. That He was in control of my life. I reveled in that knowledge, and when my friend Elisa played “I Surrender All” on her violin, I was reminded to surrender myself to Him. I felt so much better. I’ve also realize that I need to daily surrender. All through the day as well. And I have been doing much better with trusting God. Daily. What an important word! Many people (including me) have heard time and again about daily surrendering and dying to flesh, and said, “Oh, yes, I need to do that!” But they don’t understand it. I know I didn’t. Until I did it. Then I was like “Oh! That’s what it means!” You have to just die. Say “NO!” to your flesh. It is both easier and harder that it sounds. I do the laundry in our house. It is hard. I struggle. The most difficult part is folding it. Instead of folding it, I get on the computer, read a book, write in my journal, etc. Basically, anything other than the laundry. But one day, I said no, I need to do that laundry! So I did. And it felt good. It was worth it. But, that doesn’t mean that I just do the laundry now, no, I have to die, every day, to my flesh. I don’t, all the time, but I am trying. In fact, I need to go fold a load of laundry and tidy the living room right now. I hope this made some sense!

Have a blessed day!


I know…

I missed last week. But I was busy that day. I had to clean the house because my dad and three oldest siblings were coming home that evening, and we all had been gone for the beginning of the week. And the house was a wreck. And we (Me, my 13-almost-14-year-old sister Cheryl, and my two younger brothers. My mom was gone.) cleaned it.

Writing class is done. 😥 I miss it already. The last class was two days ago. It was a good class. But we are supposed to be having an end-of-the-year party sometime next month, we’ll see how it goes! 🙂 Our teacher may be doing another class this fall. I really hope it works out! I just have a few more assignments to finish up for it, then I’ll be free to work on my story. 😀

I don’t know that I’ll be able to continue posting on Thursdays, I may switch to Tuesdays because writing class is over. Then I’ll have some writing to do. I don’t know, we’ll see.