Month: June 2013

On God’s pokes

Yep. God has been poking me. At least I’m not getting punched. Yet. 😛

What is He poking me about, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

#1. To be a Servant. Being servant minded, and and willing to do what others ask me to over what I’ve planned to do. Need to work on that… 😛

#2. My unreasonable anger towards younger siblings. I tend to blow up if they come near the computer while I am on it. Especially if I am writing a blog post or emailing someone. Um, yeah, I need to work on this one too.

#3. Respect and obedience towards my elders and betters. Not being cheeky when talking to them. Obviously need to work on this one as well…

#4. Reading the Bible and having a specified prayer time every day.

#5. Continued kindness and love towards Josiah, even when it is hard and it hurts.

So, there are 5 things that God has been telling me to work on. Now. “Pokes” often are the feeling of regret immediately after breaking any of the above stated things.

God has been poking me pretty much daily to do these things, and, I admit, it isn’t very often I do (or don’t do) these things. I would like prayer for strength to live these 5 things. I cannot do them on my own, and to often I try to.

God bless,