Month: September 2013

On Experiencing God’s Presence

I was feeling disconnected, dissatisfied, and hurt. I was at the Ursu’s with three of my siblings. It was the evening of the fourth of July, always to be a special day now. I went into my friend Suki’s room, and laid with their dogs on the floor. The dogs were in there because the noise of the fireworks terrified them. After a bit, I went back out where some of the people were, and listened in on the conversation. Still unhappy, I soon found my was back to Suki’s room, and began writing:

My heart is hurting, I am so sore inside. A deep longing that can only be satisfied by You. So fill me, God. I need Your peace, Your love. I cannot love without You. I try, but I can’t. Only You though me can. So, please love through me. Help me to serve the way You served. Give me Your strength to love. To serve. To show mercy. To be humble. I want to be Your vessel. I need You to fill me. So fill me to overflowing. Thank You. Help me to grateful to You and everyone. Please help me to be humble. My heart doesn’t hurt anymore. It is full. Help me to love, with the deep fierce love of You. I want to be recognized as one who loves You and others. Help me to be faithful. I surrender all. All to Thee, my blessed savior, all to Thee. Give me your wisdom in my life. Help me to find inspiration only though You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

During the writing of the above, I experienced God’s presence. Not only in me, but filling the whole room. The rest of the night I was dreamy. How can one not be, when they have experienced that? It was so special. I know He is here: I’ve felt Him. Sometimes, when I am too wrapped up in myself, I fail to feel it. But then, I am reminded of Him, and again I bask in His presence. Truly, there is no God like ours!


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