The Prophecy {Final Draft}

Hello all! I have decided that the prophecy is “done”. I heard that you want to stop writing before the work seems perfect, otherwise you can make it not-so-great. 😛 Thank you all for your support in my struggle! Since I felt the prophecy was pretty much done last time, I am now re-posting it as the final draft. *Cheers* 😀

The Prophecy

When comes a raging war,

Betwixt the enemies bitter,

From a far off land will come the four,

And between us peace they’ll bring

Now, just because I said this is the final draft doesn’t mean that I don’t want any more suggestions, on the contrary: if you have a word or sentence that would fit better, please say so. 😉

Thank you all again!! Now perhaps I will begin the father-daughter story. Does anyone have a better suggestion for the name of that story??? 😉

Have a good Sunday everybody!!



6 thoughts on “The Prophecy {Final Draft}

  1. Congratulations on finishing the prophecy!! Since no one else suggested any titles I thought I would. You could call it “Five Vows and One Wedding” since there are five vows (the father concerning daughter, and the four people getting married) and there is only one wedding. 😀

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