Month: January 2014


Hello all! While I regret that so much time has elapsed since I last posted, I will not apologize, seeing as how I never post regularly. That being said, I do have stuff to post about.

First off, there is a film meeting scheduled! Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we (the Ortiz’s and I {bytheway, if you would like to picture who I mean when I say that, visit the FoF film about page. I put a picture up. You’ll have to scroll down a bit.}) have set February second as the date for the next film meeting. I have come up with a couple points to discuss, the first being: are we going to split the film into parts?? That’s right, parts! I’m in favor of the idea, but need to discuss it with Brandon and Mr. Ortiz. I think that the plot I’ve written so far would be a good point to end the part, but we’ll see. 🙂

Second, I have a lot going on in my life, especially spiritually. I would be very grateful if y’all would help me by praying. I want to be a light in this world, my family, and my church.

Thirdly, lastly, and most importantly, I have a lot of schoolwork to do, if I wish to graduate after two evaluations. Also, Papa is wanting me to help get things straightened out at the store, which will prolly mean, what with school and all, less writing. And that’s okay. Right now, I’m kinda taking my life day to day. I’m trying to have each day be better than the last, if not in actions, then by improving my thoughts, prayers, and words. And I think, with God and my parent’s, I’m improving. Slowly, yes, but I want to change. That is one of the most important keys. Another is, to not identify myself with the bad/wrong habits/actions.

On a random side note: awhile ago, Cheryl and I applied to be pre-publication readers for a book that will be coming out in March. Our application was accepted, we got the book, wrote the endorsement statement, sent it in, got a conformation email, then for a long time heard nothing. On Tuesday morning, we received an email saying our statement would be printed in the becoming of the book along with the other readers who reviewed the book! It was a huge surprise and honor. We never would have guessed that we would be accepted to read the book before publication, and certainly never dreamed that our statement, out of many others, would be among the 15-20 chosen. It is just stunning. 😀

I hope you all have a wonderful day!
God be with you,


I’m still recovering from New Years… We went to our pastors house, had a blast, and left at 2:40. In the morning. They live an hour away, so we didn’t get home till 3:40. Also, in the last two weeks, Cheryl and I went to two sleepovers, with the same person. One night we stayed up till 5AM, the next night we stayed up till 2AM. So I’ve been getting up late, which hijacks my day… So I’ve been really lazy and sitting around and doing nothing important. Which means no math 😦 but, I will be returning to math on Monday. I’m praying that I’m all better since then…
On a side note, today I started writing some of the FoF novel, where Cassandra gets kidnapped… 😀

I thought I’d end this blog post with my goals for this year:

-Finish FoF Script @500wpw
-Finish FoF storyboard
-Get passport
-Get to level 7 in Dulingo
-Read Bible in a year
-Read 100 books
-Do 100 hours on violin
-Skate once around the rink once w/o falling
-Pray every day starting at 5mins a day
-Finish my dress with mama

Happy new year y’all! What are your New Years resolutions?