Father-daughter story {Update and snippets}

To keep myself distracted while waiting for the film meeting, (because I didn’t want to write more plot until I knew whether or not we were going to split the film into parts) I worked on the father-daughter story. I finished the second chapter and started the third. I think somewhere in the fourth or fifth chapter Elizabeth will get kidnapped, but I’m not sure yet… Anyway, I decided to not post any more complete chapters for awhile, just snippets. 😀 Because I’m mean like that. Y’all are gonna have to wait… unless you go to my church or are named Maria or Althea. 😉 I’ve named to of Elizabeth’s friends she makes while she’s kidnapped, sketched Elizabeth and Juliette, a fellow captive. The other friend is named Ian. I think he’s going to be an interesting character… 😀 His nickname (before I named him, which was last night) was “The Hero”…

Without further ado, Snippets!!

Walter sighed. Nobody was helping. I suppose they all mean well, but they’re making it worse. Can’t they all just go away? Can’t Rena just come back to me? She was definitely going to be missed, the funeral showed that much. He was surprised Rena had had such an impact on so many people. She was a good woman, and a faithful wife. I couldn’t have been more blessed.


Walter got up from the couch where he had been sitting and went upstairs to check on Elizabeth. Knocking on her door, he said softly “Betty, can I come in?”

“Sure, daddy.” Elizabeth replied. Walter couldn’t tell if she was upset: her voice was very level. Opening the door slowly, he went and sat next to her on the bed.

“Are you okay?” He asked somewhat awkwardly.

Elizabeth let out a little huff, “No,” she said, pain evident in her tone. “No, I’m not okay daddy. I don’t think I could ever be okay again.”


“Meet you in the living room by 4:30 sharp. That gives you thirty minutes. Think you can beat me getting ready?”

“Oh, no you don’t!” Elizabeth said, shouting at his retreating form. “I’ll be there by 4:25!”

At four-twenty, Elizabeth ran out of her room, slamming the door, and running down the stairs, Walter just seconds behind. Making a wild dash for the couch, Elizabeth leaped onto the soft cushion. “I beat!!” She yelled, grinning.

Walter fell next to her, laughing, “You sure did!” They shared a good laugh. “That felt good.” Walter smiled. “Let’s watch a movie till the Trents come. You pick.”

Elizabeth looked at Walter with mischief in her eyes. “Okaay,” she said smugly. She got up to look at the girl movies her and her mother liked to watch. Then she smirked over her shoulder at her father, laughing at his slightly panicked expression.


“He left what?” Walter said, shocked. He fell silent for awhile, waiting. “Are you sure?” He asked, incredulously. A pause. “Thank you. Yes, I’ll call him right away. Thank you again. Goodbye,” then hung up. Turning to Elizabeth, he said, “well, what do you know about that!”

“What?” She asked.

“Remember my Uncle Darryl?” He asked. She nodded.

“He died recently, right?”


There you go! I hope you enjoyed! Now, I must go do productive things like fold laundry….


6 thoughts on “Father-daughter story {Update and snippets}

  1. Haha, you are so cruel Emily. Now people will be changing their names to Maria or Althea…. 😀
    Looks great!! I can’t wait for it to be finished. 😉

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