Month: May 2014


I know. It’s been over a month. You poor deprived people. 😉 I’m not sorry. When life gets busy, as it sometimes will, blogs are apt to be forgotten. Not that I’ve forgotten, more like, had next to zero inspiration to write. I suppose I could give an update………

Life continues. Esther is adorable. Also she is being potty trained. The script is coming along, albeit rather slowly. There is a film meeting set for Sunday! Since Maria is attending, we decided to do a review. Also, since it’s been about a year (!) since we started. So that will be good.

Well, I started this post earlier today, and nothing notable had happened–yet. At around five, Esther had, um, a potty training incident. And it was extreme. And it stressed me out. And then my little brothers were fighting over the computer (I had let them on to keep them busy). And then I was also making supper at the same time. And then I called mama and I cried, and then papa got home. And then I was preparing cauliflower for supper and I sliced one of my fingers open. And it bled. Dramatically. All this within a half hour. After a pretty calm, easy afternoon. So yeah. It was exciting to say the least. I’ll probably cry again, later. When mama gets home. Oh yeah, and she is going to therapy for her second car accident, so if you think of her, prayers are appreciated. 🙂

I have no idea why y’all follow me. I’m so random. Oh well. Hope you enjoy the snippet.

Hopefully I’ll post about the film meeting next week, but no promises. 😉