I know, random title. Whatever. Anyway.
A lot has been going on around here, namely that my mother has gone to be with her ailing father in Missouri. He has pneumonia and lung cancer. He is not receiving antibiotics or treatment for cancer… Mama just told me he had a good day today though. I feel strangely disconnected from the situation, but I won’t go into all that.
Writing has been going slow lately, which is my fault. However, we did have a film meeting last week, which went tolerably well. I was pleased with the results. We finally decided how large the falcons are, which was the most productive thing that happened. I did go over many things with Maria (so glad you came!!!!) and Elisa. Brandon had a cool idea for the falcons, which we shall probably use. He wanted to be a wizard, but as there are none in the film, he settled for a falcon. Overall, the meeting was a fun success. πŸ™‚

Sometimes I realize all what I have to do in order to complete the film, and I get totally terrified, feel like freaking out and running away.

Maybe I should go write…

Oh wait.

I am writing.

… What do I write now?

Yeah. That is how I feel about writing everything…

I have an idea. All you all who follow my blog, give me something that you think I should do a blog post about, or a story starter. I’ll give it a week, and then start on writing them. What do you think?

I think I should do a blog series about some of my deep thoughts, so I can sort them out.

I stare at the letters on the keyboard, and realize that they contain a story. I merely have to unlock that story, and give it life. I pray that God guides my fingers and my heart as these letters come together in a story that glorifies Him, the One who gave me life and hope.

Oh! I had an idea. I’m going to write two versions of the father-daughter story: a fantasy one, and a fiction one. Then I shall hand them out to my friends and see which they prefer.

Perhaps, if you’re good, I shall share it on here as well.

… I feel horribly inadequate as a writer.


(Well that was quite random.)

2 thoughts on “Quite

  1. That is a random title! (But believe me, I can never think of a title myself so I won’t judge. :))
    OK, ideas… think Squid, think!!! Well, I think I’ll have to get back to you on that one… my mind is blank.

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