Month: July 2014


Happy Independence Day a day late y’all! I hope you had a wonderful day.

Why is this post called “feelings”? Because I have a lot of them. Happy, sad, confused, depressed, and lovely.

Happy, because we went to a bridal shower, and those are fun and happy. 🙂
Sad, because my mom’s dad passed away yesterday. He lived in Missouri, so we weren’t super close, but we all loved him. We knew it was coming, but you can never prepare yourself for that. Mama left today (and arrived safely!) for Missouri, and is going to be staying there until everything is all figured out.
Confused because I don’t know how to respond when people say they are sorry, because what is death anyway? I have a way of putting walls up so I don’t get emotional, because I am very, very emotional. So what do I do? Stand there awkwardly? Say thanks? Me too? I mean, you get told how to comfort people, but you don’t get told how to be comforted.
Depressed, because I don’t know what to feel. There is more than that going on as well. I feel empty and lost.
Lovely, because I’m loving my new glasses and everyone thinks they look good on me too (once they get used to it 😉 ), and having a classy new top that is comfy and cute.

Also, since mama is gone and Hannah is leaving, Carissa has to work starting the week after next. Which means I’ll be in charge. Which…. Well, let’s just say I have some things to work on. Major things. I’m very far from perfect y’all. I need to rely on God, much more than I have been. It never works to do things on my own, but even though I know that I still try. 😛

Maybe one of the things I’ll work on is journaling and blogging! We’ll see. As I said in the vlog, our life has settled into a permanent crazy, which means there is always something going on or something unexpected comes up.

Blessings y’all