Month: August 2014


Finally!! 😀
Okay, this is just going to be a bunch of random recent pictures, I will prolly explain what they are though.

Our award-winning chili with tater-tots and white cheddar. You actually can not beat a warm bowl of our chili. 😀

Guess what y’all. We. Painted. Our. Wall. See, we have all hated that wall for years, and now it is painted a beautiful blue. 🙂


Apples with leaves make me happy.

We watched Ace Wonder and Cheryl had fun with our projector during the credits. 😀

Planning for the LotR party!!!! 😀



Okay, so, random. Sorry, that’s all the pictures I have on the iPod that are remotely interesting and new. 😛
I shall most likely do another post after the LotR marathon. 🙂
Now I must go fold laundry.

I’m human

Yup, it’s true. I’m human. I forget. I get busy. I am sorry I forgot, but hey, nobody is perfect! Especially not me. Anyways.

This Saturday is the long-awaited LotR marathon. I have wanted to do this for years, and so, this year, for my birthday and William and our friend Juliette, because our birthdays are all in August, and we all like LotR, we decided to do a marathon! We invited a few peeps, set it up for this Saturday at our church, and are anticipating it eagerly!

Last night, we had some peeps over, and watched The Winter Soldier!! It is such a good movie! It’s my favorite marvel movie so far. Captain America is my favorite. And Bucky! It’s so sad. 😦

I’m almost eighteen y’all. It’s weird! It’s the age I looked forward to the most all of my life. In 5 days (I think), I will be 18. Monday. I’m prolly going to play basketball! See, Monday is our PE night, and sometimes we play volleyball, sometimes rugby, last time soccer, but mostly basketball. We all like it best. There is the most skill between everyone in it. So it’s a lot more fair. I’m actually not bad, as long as I pay attention. I can shoot pretty well too. Which is funny, cause I’m really short.

You know what? It’s time for a picture post. Yep! Pictures!! 😀

Signing off for now!