Month: September 2014


I’m eighteen now. Crazy, huh? I can’t get used to it myself… I always assumed that I’d never actually get to be eighteen…. 😛

In other news, I’ve installed scrivener on the laptop available for my use, and will be writing script as fast as I can, especially once we get back from our camping trip this weekend!

I had an awesome birthday. Mama took me out for lunch and some light shopping, then I played basketball with my family and the Ursu’s and Ortiz’s, which was a blast, even though my team lost. I managed to score! After, the Ortiz’s and Daniel came over for ice cream, and we hung out for awhile. I got lots of birthday wishes throughout the day and perfect presents! My family and friends know me well. 🙂

Oh! The Lotr marathon was brilliant. And exauhsting. But loads of fun. Thanks to all who were able to attend, and I missed your presence sadly, those who weren’t! I’ll prolly do another marathon eventually, so never fear. 😉

Now for some pictures. 🙂

Some of my gifts.

Another gift. I got her for a trial week, and she’s going back to the Ursu’s at least while we are camping

My hair can be very gorgeous when it wants to be. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anywhere to go 😛

Clean rooms are awesome

Dancing is fun, when someone will dance with you 😉


So yeah. A little snippet of our life. Now I have to go pay attention to Esther before she chokes me.