Month: October 2014

Happenings in the Mann Household

Once upon a time, many years ago, we met a family. My mother and their mother would talk at their bulk store down the road. Then, one day, we went to visit them. They hid, because we are scary. Or, they thought we were. As it turns out, we are actually pretty fun! We made friends with the children, who were close to us in age, and over the years, became better and better friends, until now, we feel like family. We no longer knock at their door, simply walk in. 🙂 They do the same. A few years ago, my brother and the older girl became friends. They became better friends, and eventually decided that they liked each other. They became even closer and closer, and then, on September 20th, my brother, asked Suki, the girl, if she would marry him. And she cried. And she said yes!!!

(That was the day after they got engaged)
Josiah, of course, not following the norm, got Suki this beautiful and unique ring:

(Isn’t it awesome?!!?)

They have set the date to February 21st. We are all so excited that Suki will finally be a part of our family!!

So that is exciting. Now everything else will seem less exciting, but oh well. Prepare yourself for a long post.

I guess the next news that is due should concern the film… I finished the first draft of the script!!! I’ve handed it out to several peeps who read it and said it was very good. I even managed a cliff hanger ending! 😀 We had another film meeting, to discuss the next step of film making, and I am working on the costumes with Maria, my wonderful friend. 😉

(It was a very small meeting. Cheryl was there for part of it too.)

Also, I got a job! I’m a story-boarder for ED Training center, and so far, I love it. It’s easy and fun, and seems ridiculous that I could be getting paid to have fun. 🙂

Another exciting thing that happened is that I am going to Central America in 5 weeks and I applied for my passport yesterday! It’s kinda scary, but I’m excited. 🙂 Hannah and Cheryl are going too, which will be fun!

Okay, so, Josiah found these books somewhere, and Suki read them, and they couldn’t stop raving about them, and so finally, when Josiah bought the hardcovers, Cheryl and I read them, and they are amazing! They are not Christian, so there is some iffy content, but what little of it aside, the books are so awesome. They are The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson. Now, there is Kaladin, and he’s awesome, and he makes Bridge Four awesome and so we got Bridge Four shirts.

(That’s the Bridge Four salute)

Three weeks ago, Suki was going to sleep over (we are having as many sleepovers as we can before they get married) and she texted me if I wanted to go to Busch Gardens, an amusement park about two hours away. I said sure, but I don’t know if I’ve been good enough lately. So she came over, and we watched Doctor Who, the Dugger’s, and Mom’s Night Out. In a row. It was fun. Then we asked mama if we could go to Busch Gardens the next day, and she said we’d talk about it in the morning. So we got up, and she just started telling us to stay together, and drink water, and wear sunscreen and all the mom stuff. Cheryl, Suki and I just looked at each other like “I guess that means we’re going!” So then Suki and I went shopping to get lunch. When the rest of the peeps who were going got to our house, which was Josiah, Nick, Daniel, Steven, and Brandon, we loaded up as quickly as possible (aka, half an hour) and left. The drive was smooth and fun, and since we got kinda a late start, we are on the road. Once we got there, we just went on all the coasters that didn’t have too long of a wait, which was: Cheetah Chase (0-60 in a few seconds), Kumba (which means “roar” and goes upside down 7 times!!!), Shikera (which has a big drop which was not all that scary), The Falcon’s Fury (which was one of those poles and you go up it really slow really high and then it drops you–facedown. Not my kinda thrill.), The Phoenix (which was a ship that swings you around and around and upside down–would be more fun if it went faster and the restraints weren’t so uncomfortable), and The Montu (which is one of the rides that you’re hitched to the rail on the top, so your legs dangle, and it goes upside-down loads and is super fun!). That was all we had time for, though I went on the Montu again while Suki, Josiah and Cheryl went to get our stuff. Then we drove home, and the sunset was super gorgeous.

(It’s kinda sad there were buildings, but you can kinda see how gorgeous it was)

I’m sure I’m forgetting something that has happened, but that’s all I got for now! Sorry it took me so long to update!! 😛