Keeping it Real

I’m stressed.

There. That’s about as real as it gets right now, people. I have a lot on my plate. I have a lot of work to do. The reason I’m feeling stressed about it is because I want to get it done so I can save money for the trips I want to take this summer. Which will be easier, since I got a raise last week. I have to finish school this year, because I’m graduating. I have two siblings getting married, my brother to one of my best friends, and we only have six weeks till that happens. I am behind on my One a Day journal. Like, I still didn’t do Christmas. People keep asking me about the film, which is on the backest of my back burners at least until I graduate. And let’s not mention the laundry. And how much I miss the people and places from my amazing mission trip.

So, I’ve been doing other things. Like writing. And sketching. And talking to my friends and venting a bit. And praying.

What’s that? You want to know what I’m writing? Well, fine:

Talice fled through the forest to her favored spot, weeping.

I’ve screwed everything up, it’s all gone to smash!

She sought and found her favored place: an abandoned arbour with a small pavillion containing small wooden benches. Dropping onto one, she lowered her face to the smooth wooden surface, sobbing.

“Why, why, why! Why do I have to be so stupid! Why can’t I just keep my head about me and be normal?”

She continued crying, pounding her fists into the bench, her words becoming more incoherent.


Her head snapped up, and sniffling, she scrubbed her face with her hands. Blinking furiously, she was able to make out Droman entering into her arbour. How dare he! After what he said and what she did! Her tears threatened to start again as she rose to meet the intruder.

Droman paused, noting her red nose and blotchy pink eyes. Then he said softly,

“Talice, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have pressed you like I did, and made you react. I’m truly sorry, but if you aren’t ready to forgive me, I understand. But-”

Talice held her hand up.

“Stop. I… I’m sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have reacted that way. Forgive me.”

Talice moved in till she was no more than two feet away.

“Please,” she whispered, stretching her hands out to him, her eyes searching his face.

The sincere pleading in her face made him smile. He couldn’t help but take her hands and softly kiss her upturned forehead. Pulling back a little, he asked

“Of course I will, but do you forgive me?”

Talice, smiled, dipping her head in consent. The she sniffled.

Droman laughed, handing her a handkerchief he pulled from somewhere or other. She smiled gratefully, then proceeded to wipe her face thoroughly.

A chill breeze wafted through the trees, stirring Talice’s long brown loose curls, swirling her purple gown around her legs, making her shiver. Droman, quickly taking his long green coat from his shoulders and wrapping it around her small frame, led her to the bench where she had been weeping not five minutes previous. They sat, together. Silent. Keeping their thoughts to themselves. After a time, neither knew if it was long or short, Droman put his arm around the slight form of his daughter and she laid against his chest. They remained like that for several more moments, when Droman stirred.

“Come Tali, it is time we go in,” He said softly, only to look down and realize she was asleep. He swooped her into his arms and made the walk to their home, a large stone mansion which father and daughter shared alone.

I have more, but Suki suggested I do it in installments (don’t worry, it’s only like 4 sentences) and post it as I go, which I think is fairly brilliant.

Oh, now what? You want to see what I sketched? Okay, fine.


It’s not necessarily done yet, but that’s it so far.

What do you think of my most recent artistic endeavors? Should I continue? Not that what you say will really make me stop or continue, but it’s nice to have input now and again. 😉

Okay, bye.

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