Month: February 2015

{Random Write #2}

Here you go! Enjoy. 🙂

Droman entered the large wooden doors into the sitting room, where a young man sat by the fire. Droman started. “Still here?” He said with surprise.

The young man rose to face him. “Yes. And where is Talice?”

“Asleep. Poor thing. She was completely exhausted.”

“Yes, poor thing is right. What were you thinking, driving her to act that way? Did you think you could really just ask her such a personal question like that and expect her to give an immediate answer? Without reacting? Really sir. If I may be so bold-”

“That’s enough. I know what I did was wrong without you barging in acting like you’re her father. In fact, last I checked, I was. Now, don’t you think you’ve been away from your own bed long enough?” Droman gestured to the door.

The man nodded curtly, rose, and bidding goodnight, departed.

Droman sighed, dropping into an armchair. He put his hand to his head and remained motionless, thinking to himself.

How long he had sat like that, he didn’t know. After a time, he heard a soft step at the doorway. Raising his head, he beheld his daughter, still in her purple gown.

“I thought you were sleeping,” He said softly, rising from his chair.

“I was, but I woke to the call of nature, then remembered I hadn’t said goodbye to- well, you know who.”

“So you came down to see if he was still here?”

She smiled “No, I actually came down to make sure he was gone. I wanted to talk to you.”

“What about?”

She sighed. “I want to talk about tonight. I wanted to apologize for my reaction this evening. I know I should have been more mature. Please forgive me.”

“Darling, I should be the one apologizing. I should not have spoken to you in that way.”

“No, I understand now. I shouldn’t have been that impulsive and opinionated. We should have thought about it first. He- Michael – should not have responded to you in that way either. I am going to tell him not to return. If he can’t respect your word, I can’t respect him.”

“Thank you for taking initiative with that dear. I would have told you that same thing, but it appears I have taught you well.”

Droman took his daughter in his arms and pressed her to his chest.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, papa.”

He released her and looked her over.

“I can’t believe my little girl is all grown up. I am sorry you haven’t had a mother these last few years. I know I cannot replace her tender love. Now, dear girl, let us go to our poor neglected beds.”

Talice laughed.

“I agree. See you tomorrow.”

Thus saying, the parted ways and went to bed.

{Random Write #1}

What’s that? You want to know what I’m writing? Well, fine:

Talice fled through the forest to her favored spot, weeping.

I’ve screwed everything up, it’s all gone to smash!

She sought and found her favored place: an abandoned arbour with a small pavillion containing small wooden benches. Dropping onto one, she lowered her face to the smooth wooden surface, sobbing.

“Why, why, why! Why do I have to be so stupid! Why can’t I just keep my head about me and be normal?”

She continued crying, pounding her fists into the bench, her words becoming more incoherent.


Her head snapped up, and sniffling, she scrubbed her face with her hands. Blinking furiously, she was able to make out Droman entering into her arbour. How dare he! After what he said and what she did! Her tears threatened to start again as she rose to meet the intruder.

Droman paused, noting her red nose and blotchy pink eyes. Then he said softly,

“Talice, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have pressed you like I did, and made you react. I’m truly sorry, but if you aren’t ready to forgive me, I understand. But-”

Talice held her hand up.

“Stop. I… I’m sorry. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have reacted that way. Forgive me.”

Talice moved in till she was no more than two feet away.

“Please,” she whispered, stretching her hands out to him, her eyes searching his face.

The sincere pleading in her face made him smile. He couldn’t help but take her hands and softly kiss her upturned forehead. Pulling back a little, he asked

“Of course I will, but do you forgive me?”

Talice, smiled, dipping her head in consent. The she sniffled.

Droman laughed, handing her a handkerchief he pulled from somewhere or other. She smiled gratefully, then proceeded to wipe her face thoroughly.

A chill breeze wafted through the trees, stirring Talice’s long brown loose curls, swirling her purple gown around her legs, making her shiver. Droman, quickly taking his long green coat from his shoulders and wrapping it around her small frame, led her to the bench where she had been weeping not five minutes previous. They sat, together. Silent. Keeping their thoughts to themselves. After a time, neither knew if it was long or short, Droman put his arm around the slight form of his daughter and she laid against his chest. They remained like that for several more moments, when Droman stirred.

“Come Tali, it is time we go in,” He said softly, only to look down and realize she was asleep. He swooped her into his arms and made the walk to their home, a large stone mansion which father and daughter shared alone.

I have more, but Suki suggested I do it in installments and post it as I go (I will post updates to this page as well), which I think is fairly brilliant.

Lately {Or, Concerning the Wedding and Other Recent Happenings}

My brother is getting married Saturday. It is crazy exciting, and also crazy hard to believe this is happening! We’ve all been very busy. The thing I’ve been busy with is sewing the bow ties for the guys and the sashes for the girls. Also, I’ve been spending as much time with Suki as I can, seeing as after they’re married I won’t be seeing them as often. Gettin’ all the time in that I can!! I’ve also been preparing for out of town company, doing laundry, taking care of siblings, hanging out with Suki’s family (I go to their house quite often, sometimes Suki is there, sometimes not.), as well as having sleepovers every weekend. Friday was the “last sleepover” so we stayed up till two-thirty in the morning, drank tea, ate popcorn, listened to music, and talked about things we used to. I don’t think we even mentioned the wedding, now that I think about it! It was super nice. Lately our sleepovers haven’t been near as fun and stress free. Everyone else was in bed, so it was just Cheryl, Suki and I. We talked some after we went to bed, but we were so tired we fell asleep by three. Then we slept in rather late, which was awesome! When we got up, we had coffee, talked over it, and then washed Josiah’s and Suki’s car together. Then me and Cheryl had to go home and clean and sew the sashes.

Sorry, I know this is really long and a lot of boring words. I just need to write about it. 🙂

Every morning, and all throughout the day, since Saturday, I’ve been thinking. Next time this day comes around, my brother will be married. Married! How crazy cool! And weird. Major weird. But awesome. 😀

Basically this is a journal entry for the internet. Yep. This is pretty much how I journal.

In other news, my name is going to be in the “I beat the author” section of one of my favorite author’s books that will be coming out soon. Because I beat him. He (Wayne Thomas Batson. You can look him up on facebook. Look for a writing challenge, the first one.) issued a writing challenge: write. For one hour. Don’t stop. If your total words written by the end of that time was more than his, your name would be in the aforementioned section at the back of the book he was currently writing. So I thought, why not?! I need to write, and on the off chance I beat him, I get to be in the book! So I entered the challenge. And I had some distractions. (aka boys sitting across from me being loud.) But I managed 1,333 words. And that was more than him. So I beat him! He also friended me on FB…. 😀

Well, that was more for your benefit. I would word that differently.

So the story I was writing was that one that I last posted about: Random Write. It has four pages and over 2,000 words. I should make it it’s own page. It’s just a short drama story… I’m not sure it’s finished, but I don’t really feel the need to write more.

One of my faithful readers and friends came to Florida yesterday, for the wedding!! I’m so glad you’re here Althea!!! 😀 I wish you could be here too, Maria. 😦 The rest of you that I know live here and I see often, and I’m glad you’re here too! 😉 And all you people that I don’t know but who follow my blog (why do you follow my blog? It’s not like I’m that great of a writer, or even interesting… If you want to tell me, go ahead. I have over 50 followers; surely one of you can say. ;)), well, you’re awesome too.

Is this boring? I’m at 642 words right now, hopefully you all aren’t asleep.

Today I am finishing the sashes for the bridesmaids. We have pressed three and have two left. After they’re all pressed, I’m going to sew them closed. Then I just have to sew three bow ties closed, and then I will be all done with those things. I don’t really know what we have left to do… I’m sure there will be something.

Lately, my life has been busy, full, and stressful. Also, it has been lovely, fun and enjoyable. We have just a few days left, which is both exciting and terrifying… Well, mostly exciting. I am really looking forward to the rehearsal, which is on Friday. It is going to be lots of fun!

I reread my last blog post, and saw that I would post the Random Write in installments. So that’s what I will do. I will post an excerpt after this post. Which I think is long enough.

Till next time!