Month: March 2015

{Random Write #4}

Okay, fine.

I was going to wait until later this week, but y’all convinced me. Enjoy!

Archer had had a very trying morning. All morning he’d been looking for his new tutor, Droman Kindace. He first went to the town, thinking he’d find him there, but no, everyone he met said he lived in the country. Great. He thought. He’s some old hermit, living by himself. However, he continued. After a long while of asking for directions and looking for himself, he finally found the stately old house. Upon reaching it, he knocked on the great wooden door. The housekeeper opened it and told him The Master would be on his morning stroll through the gardens at this hour, and pointed him in the right direction. He somewhat grumpily stalked off, just barely taking in the beauty that surrounded him. Upon finding the wide gravel path, he began walking it, and had been only for a short time before he heard someone running across the gravel. Before he turned around, whoever it was had already stopped. Finally turning, thinking it would be his tutor, he stopped. Completely dumbfounded, he simply stared. The girl before stared back, blinking rapidly, obviously confused. Then, recovering herself, she stuck her hand out and introduced herself.

“My name is Talice Kindace. May I help you?”

He automatically shook. Kindace. Daughter? Must be. Too young to be a wife. Oh. His name. Why was he so flustered? Girls never flustered him.

“Oh, uh, my name is Archer. Archer Fisher. I’m looking for Droman Kindace. He is my new tutor.”

“My father? He should be returning to the house by now. Come. Have you eaten yet?”

“Oh. Uh, no. No, I haven’t.”

Talice smiled warmly. “Well then, Mr. Fisher, may I invite you to break your fast with us?”

Archer smiled back and nodded, then remembered his manners and offered Talice his arm. They walked the short distance to the house, asking basic conversation questions of each other. Upon reaching the house, they saw Droman standing in the window, smiling. He came to the door as they reached it, and greeted Archer warmly.

“Ah, Archer, I was wondering what had become of you. I’m sure you will join us at the table? Then we will begin our lesson.”

Together they went to the dining room, and proceeded to have a lively discussion while eating heartily.

{Random Write #3}

Here is the third installment of my plotless story.


Early the next morning, Talice rose, dressed herself in her green woolen gown, and tied back her long brown tresses. Then she gathered her journal and the book she had been reading and returned to the arbour she had run to the previous night. Her mother’s arbor. She sat on the same bench on which she had thrown herself mere hours before. Now she sat, peaceful. She opened her journal and read her entries from the last several days. She was a little disgusted with herself, and turned to an empty leaf and began writing.

What a fool I’ve been. I should have listened to my father. Now I have learned a lesson that was far too long in coming. Last night, Michael came over. He wanted to convince my father to let me go to Farine with the set. Of course my father refused. Then I began begging him. Then he said quite sharply, the sharpest I’ve ever heard him speak to me, “NO! And don’t speak another word about it.” Then, if that wasn’t enough, I got Michael to beg for me. As if I hadn’t humiliated myself enough already. Of course Daddy said no again, then Michael started mouthing off! He began badmouthing my father in front of him. Then, as though enough hadn’t happened to make me get in trouble for a week, I started, my own father. Of course, he snapped at me again, and I fled out of the room crying. Anyway, daddy found me, and apologized, and then I fell asleep. Then I apologized to him, and we’re all good now, and now I know why he never wanted me to go with Michael. Now I am determined to listen to his council, for I have found time and again that he is right.

Talice stopped writing there, and picked up her book. Then she put it down and stood, listening. It sounded like someone walking up the main gravel path in the garden. She knew her father usually was returning to the house at this point, so she smiled, pleased and surprised, and ran out. Then, upon beholding a stranger, she stopped rather suddenly. The young man, smartly dressed, turned.