Month: May 2015

{On Friends}

I have a lot of friends. I am very blessed. I am not a very good friend, yet my friends stick with me and encourage me when I am feeling down, and listen to me rattle on and on when I’m excited. I can not thank you enough. You all know who you are. 😉

Something about friends has always bothered me though. It’s called the term “Best friends.” Okay, now that I’ve shocked you all, I’ll explain. To me, “Best Friends” has always seemed… exclusive. Like, you’re with a group of your friends and you go “Okay, so I had the best time ever with my best friend yesterday, it was one of the funnest days ever.” Then I feel like I’ve made all my friends feel unimportant. So instead, I like to think that there are different kinds of “Best Friends.” There’s the one you’ve known the longest, the one you’re the most similar in personality and disposition, the one you can really just say anything to; goofy, serious, dark, philosophical. And each one is important. And each one has a special place. And nobody can take their place. And I try to say, when talking about one, specifically, “One of my close friends and I…” That way, it’s not exclusive–They’re not the only one. Does this make sense?

I also have a thing against offending people or making them feel bad. It’s actually kinda a problem. I will not say when I know they’re either doing something wrong, instead I just let them do it and fix it later, or just smile and nod. I just hate making people feel like they’re wrong, because I really hate when I do something wrong, so I try not to cause other people to feel that way. I also don’t let myself get easily offended if someone says something I don’t agree with. Sometimes, you can tell it just slipped out, other times, I just tell myself that what I feel isn’t important. I’m not saying I’m right or that I think that’s good, just that’s who I am. I feel like I’m justifying myself……. 😛

Anyway, that’s just something that I was thinking about and decided to write a post about.

{Life Lately} 5-6-15

My oldest sister got married this past Saturday.

It still sounds weird.

It was a beautiful wedding. Well. I couldn’t really see much from my point of view, but I had a lot of people tell me it was beautiful. And that I was beautiful too.

I have a brother-in-law. It’s Peter Serrell. That’s weird. But he’s pretty cool, so it’s okay.

My aunt, who has been living with us for four months moved out today. We loaded the truck last night, and today we went to her new place and unloaded it. I was thanked for my “feats of strength” by Ryan, my aunts former co-worker who helped us carry things in. 😛

I got to spend yesterday afternoon with my sister-in-law. I love getting to do that. It had been awhile, so it was nice to be with her again.

At the beginning of this year, we had 11 people living in our house. Now we have eight. Our house seems so empty.

I am still exhausted from the wedding. But not so much that I can’t move heavy things around. 😉

I miss my sister.