Month: August 2015


As many of you know, I was working on adapting one of my stories to a film. However, it was such a huge, expensive, and time consuming project, not to mention that my laptop crashed and took the script with it. With two of my siblings married, I wanted to get back to working on the film. I started talking to Brandon about it, and he said we should start in September, when his family got back from vacation. A few days later, I was talking to Cheryl and Suki about it, when Cheryl had an idea. “What if you do a web-series?!!!” I thought that was a brilliant idea. So did Brandon. It is incredibly easier, cheaper, and a lot faster. So Cheryl and I began to look for a book to adapt, because we thought it would be easier to adapt a book rather than write our own story. Well. We looked, and found a couple good ones, but one we can’t do (copyright reasons) and the other I hope to do eventually. I’m currently re-reading it, to get ideas for a modern adaptation, and I think it will be very doable. Cheryl also came up with an idea to do a web-series about homeschoolers, so that’s the idea we are working with right now. I just need to write a storyline for it… and give it some semblance of a plot. 😛 I may decide to do the book adaptation first, because it will be a lot easier. We shall see.

I guess that about sums it up… I’ll keep y’all updated. 🙂


{The Girl: Part Three}

This is the last bit… I may write more, eventually…

Two weeks later, she stood, looking out at the rain, her hands on the windowsill. She still wore a smile. She was completely lost in thought. Happy thoughts. She hadn’t thought she would ever feel happy while thinking ever again, yet here she was. Even the rain couldn’t dampen her joy. So lost in thought was she, that she never heard someone come up behind her, until they placed their hand on hers. Startled, she looked down, then up. She still wasn’t used to touch. Or him. She blinked several times, swallowed, and opened her mouth. Before she could get anything out, he told her he missed her. She smiled. He moved his hand so it held hers. He told her he prayed for her every day. That on that one day, two weeks ago, he had been praying for her, as usual, and suddenly knew his prayer had been answered. She started crying. Then she panicked. She hadn’t seen him for months, and now she was blubbering like a little girl in front of him.

He panicked. “O-oh, I’m so sorry, please don’t cry, um, here.” He hugged her, awkwardly. That made her laugh. “No, thank you. I’m the one who’s sorry.” She stepped back so she could look at his face. “I shouldn’t have dropped everyone like that. Will you forgive me?” In response, he took her hand, raised it over her head, and twirled her into his arms. “Yes,” he whispered into her ear. He kissed her cheek. “Stay strong, girlie. I’m rooting for ya.” With that, and a wink, he left. She smiled after him.

Hope you liked reading as much as I liked writing this! 🙂

{The Girl, Part Two}


One day, she took her violin down from the wall, dusted it off, tuned it carefully, rosined her bow, and set it to the strings. Taking a deep breath, she slowly drew the bow across the G string. She closed her eyes and savored the vibration. Her fingers began to move along the fingerboard, her bow following. Music filled the room. Completed her. She gave her soul to her hands, her all. She lost track of time. Song after song, air after air. With each song she played, she felt a tiny spark of light fighting to take hold in her heart. It grew and grew, until finally, it formed a smile on her lips. She began twirling, bending, leaping. With each movement, she became more alive. Alone, in her room, with her music, she began to live again. She didn’t know her family stood outside of her door, her mother crying, her father thanking God, her siblings beyond relieved. As she played, she smiled. As she played more and more, she felt walls crumbling. Tears streamed down her face. Eventually, she set her instrument down, and cried. She didn’t know if it was sadness or joy. She did know that she was feeling. Feeling as she hadn’t felt for months. As her sobs subsided, she felt immense relief. She suddenly was aware of a presence. A smile of realization dawned, and she wrapped her arms around herself, leaned her head back, and closed her eyes. She thanked God as she never had before. He had given her life. She knew now that she only needed to accept it. And she did.