Month: December 2015


This blog is called thoughts of mine. So here are some. 

I went to Central America again. I got back at 1am Saturday (the 12th) morning. I left the church in El Salvador at 5:30 AM (6:30AM here) headed to the airport. And I did not want to leave. I spent about six hours in Miami with part of the team that was flying in that day and also had a long layover. However, the final flight I was by myself. Carissa picked me up from the airport and once I got in the car, I cried.

I cried again the next day, once I got to my friend’s house. And again, when I got home from there. I’m still not entirely sure why, but I did. I think it was because I left my sister in El Salvador and she was there but I am here. And I wanted to be there. I came home a week early because I was directing a Christmas play Saturday evening. When the time came for me to go to the church, I loaded my siblings up, went there, and wanted to go to El Salvador. However, I knew that that wasn’t okay, and I prayed and fought against it. When we actually did the play, I loved it! It went so fantastically and I am so proud of everyone who made it happen! (Hi Sydney!) 

The trip itself was amazing, and I am so thankful I got to go for even a week. I made new friends, and became better friends with some I knew before. I gained an evil step-uncle and a whole ‘nuther family. I spent late nights up talking with Jennifer. I spent days doing what I could. I spent mornings reading my bible and praying, and watching others do the same. I sat and worshiped the King of kings with my team. People encouraged me, and I attempted encouraging others. I saw places and people I love. I saw the limitless power of God. I prayed with my team. I prayed for my team. 

As per tradition, we hiked to two villages in the mountains. Exhausting and encouraging. I stuck to the front of the group for the most part. On the way back I was with the group that left first and didn’t stop until we got back. We did pause a couple times, but never for more than a minute. 😛 Most of those who are visible in that picture are those who I were with most of the time.  

The six men on the stage are the six elders of the church Honduras; la esperanza. The taller one in the middle got married while we’re were there. 🙂 (Marvin, in the white t shirt.)

There’s more, but I’m tired and my phone is typing super slow. 

God bless!