{Pictures! WARNING: very long post}

As promised, here are some pictures from my time at the 2016 Lamplighter Guild!

To start it off, the classic airplane pic.


We got up at 5AM on Saturday, June 25th, papa dropped Cheryl and I off at the airport, we got through security, found our gate, and waited to board.


We had a short layover, and then we landed at the Rochester airport in New York! I’ve driven through New York multiple times, but this was my first time staying there. I loved it! We got to the Lamplighter publishing house in the afternoon. We got showed our room for the night (pictured below) and took a rest. I took the opportunity to read one of the books in the room, because, well, I was at Lamplighter. Like, they make and store the books there. (Note the pink water bottle on the table by the bed? I left it in NY….)


If you look at the sign above the door, you can see “Lamplighter Publishing” The building used to be a rectory, back in the 1800’s, I believe…


Right next door is the church! I wish I could go in it right now…


Cheryl and I decided to walk into town and take a little look around while we were waiting for our roommates for the night to arrive. We found an adorable old-fashioned candy shop and tea room!


Then we went across the street and ate ice cream. Cause why not? Well, maybe because I felt like I was coming down with a cold, but hey! It was worth it. We went back to the “guild house” as we referred to it in our time there, and waited for our roommates to arrive. When they did, we hit it off right away! We spent the rest of the day/evening helping, talking, and eating. When bedtime came, we stayed up late talking. Next morning, we got up, and all helped in various places and ways. I helped the photography master make breakfast, which was lots of fun, plus it was delicious!


After we ate, I went between helping where I could and talking to some of the guild students who were already there. Towards the afternoon, the other guild students began to arrive. I didn’t really meet any of them till dinnertime, however. The person I talked to most at dinner the first night ended up being the person I got closest to and still talk to regularly. (Hi Manda!)  I got the steak at dinner, the other option was salmon and well, I don’t really like seafood. (Remember the one night there was shrimp on all the plates so a bunch of us gave it to Olivia cause she likes shrimp? Good times.)


So that was Sunday, at some point we were all in the church and all the masters gave a short bio and intro to their class.


All the books you see are Lamplighters. It was so amazing to be surrounded by some of my favorite books! Also, isn’t the church gorgeous?? The one thing that didn’t make sense was the fact that the pews had a barrier in the middle, or rather, two-fifths, alternating rows (yes I pulled that number out of thin air) and we couldn’t make sense of it. Our theory was that the smaller part was for couples or small families and the larger side for big families.


I don’t think I got any pictures on Monday, it was a relatively quiet day. After morning devotions and breakfast, we split into our groups. Since I was in filmmaking, I went to the church across the street with the rest of my group, and we got acquainted with each other and our master, Bob Garner. First Mr. Garner taught us about film making, what he’s learned in his person life through it, and showed us some things he directed. After lunch sometime we started brainstorming for our project to present on Friday. We settled on the theme first, and we decided to go along with the theme for the week: Touching the Divine. Then we had to decide how we were going to portray that. In the midst of our brainstorming, there was a scheduled tea time that we decided to skip because we were on a roll. Anna stopped in and we jokingly asked her to bring us tea, and a few minutes later she came back with hot water, different kinds of tea, and cookies! That was amazing  After a few hours of throwing ideas around, we settled on a wordless film depicting the woman who touched Jesus’ robe and was healed, with a tie-in to the modern world through someone reading the Word. (which we cleverly had open to the story in Matthew 9: 20-22) Of course, we still had details to nail down and all that, but we had the basic idea. We finished around 10, so Mr. Garner let us go home “early” and get some extra rest to prepare for the day ahead. I spent my extra time talking to family since I knew that would be pretty much the only time I could talk to them when I wasn’t completely exhausted. I do wish I could have spent more time with Cheryl, but I think we both had a good time despite that.

Tuesday morning came and we departed for Letchworth in high spirits. Or maybe it was the coffee. Or the anticipation. Who knows. So we got there, and I was immediately glad I brought “my” camera. Boy did I use it! I’ll have to do a separate post with all the pics from there, I took a lot, but I’ll put the highlights on this one.

As usual, we started of the day with morning devotions. This was our view. Isn’t it spectacular?


Then we split into our individual groups and my team headed to the Stone House, where we spent most of our time, scouting out location, shooting footage, and most importantly, bonding as a team.


Around lunchtime, we set out to find lunch, though a couple of us got a tiny bit lost. It was totally worth it, because I got this great picture! We ended up finding the right place eventually, and participated in lunch with great pleasure. (Those cream puffs!) I really enjoyed lunch, because we had great conversation and I got to sit with Cheryl, which didn’t happen often, and at that point, I was really missing her!


The rest of the day went smoothly, many great conversations were had and many bonding experiences. It was a great day. By the end of it, I was so ready to get in bed! A couple of our team had left a few things at the stone house, because when we left for dinner we thought we were going to go back. I DID NOT want to go back! I stated that many times, quite firmly, so my team, of course, made sure I got ample opportunity to change my mind! I didn’t. We got back at a good time and went to bed at a reasonable-ish time.

Wednesday came around, and Cheryl and I got up early to go to devotions as per the usual. I sat in on Pastor Colin’s group that morning. He is such an amazing teacher! I always looked forward to when he was speaking. After breakfast, which we hailed with much enthusiasm, as usual, we headed to our classroom to start off the day. We needed a few more shots, so we borrowed the actors again (plus a writing student) and shot for a couple hours before heading back to the classroom to edit. I don’t think I have any pictures from Wednesday… It was a good day though. When we were in the room, we spent most of the time talking about somewhat related things, though we did go a little deeper. Also, we officially adopted Manda by the evening… We had some great talks on that couch! Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that. Our classroom had two couches in it. Plus a rocking chair, that Jacob, our director, adopted. The chair got stolen, but they brought it back. I’m not sure if that was Wednesday or Thursday, but whatevs.

Thursday was the last full day of the Guild. The whole day we spent in our classroom, watching Eric and Bo edit, talking together, sharing work we’ve done, etc. By that time, I was so tired from barely getting sleep, it’s all kinda a blur. I spent a good deal of the day working on a surprise for the staff with multiple other students… I also remember it was really gorgeous outside that day. The walks were amazing! By the end of the night, we watched the nearly completed film, and that was such a wonderful moment! It took us four days to create from start to finish, a 2 minute long film.

Then Friday came. I was somewhat sad to leave, but I was so full and blessed from the wonderful week that I didn’t really feel the sadness until the weeks after I got home. Friday we got up, packed our bags, bringing them to the headquarters. We were a somewhat subdued crowd, all of us sad to be parting ways. After we ate breakfast, it was time for the presentations to begin! We watched the photography’s student’s slideshow, listened to the bookends the writing, acting, and sound design students had worked on, watched the acting students perform, watched our film, and with some final instructions for departing, the 2016 Lamplighter Guild was over! We ate lunch, and began saying goodbyes. And taking pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I think fully half of the pictures I took that week were from the last few hours of the guild.

Proof that Cheryl and I were both there.


My team! Miss you all.


We had the best of times! I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to go to the guild, and I’m so thankful for everyone there and the things I learned.

If you have an interest in any of the arts, I highly recommend checking out the guild.




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