Month: December 2016


Last week, my family (plus a friend) went camping at Disney’s fort wilderness campground! We’ve been there many times and had many different experiences, and this one was amazing, just like the others! I love camping as a family. 🙂 It was a little sad though, because it was our first camping trip without our married siblings. We managed to have a great time though! I made a promise to myself that I would not use any internet/social media while I was gone, and I’m happy to report, I succeeded! Though I did have to buy tickets for a ball, I didn’t do anything but that. 

We left for the campground on Wednesday last week. We took two vehicles, so papa and Cheryl went ahead to get the tents up while the rest of us dropped grandma off at her friend’s house so she could spend time with her while we were camping. Once we got to the campground, it was past 8:00, so we quickly got the beds all set up then ate supper while planning what we were going to do while we were there. We decided to go to Disney the next day, which was Thursday. Since we had parkhopper tickets, we decided to visit three of the four parks and do our favorite things at animal kingdom, magic kingdom, and Epcot. Of course, I wouldn’t write a post like this and not put pictures, so here are some from mine and papa’s phones. 🙂 

We’re really good at family photos…

Walking to the bus stop, headed for animal kingdom!

Our whole group in front of the “tree of life” in animal kingdom. While we were there, we walked around a little and watched a lion king show, which had some really cool acrobatics/gymnastics. It was a lot of fun!

Next stop was magic kingdom! We mainly just rode space mountain before moving on to our final park of the day…

Epcot! We went in a couple buildings before heading to test track! I made a car with William and papa, and it was the best one of our group. 🙂 That ride is definitely a highlight for me! 

It was so much fun to experience Disney with my dear friend, who had never been there before!

After watching  the light show at Epcot, we made our way back to the campground. The next day, we spent at the campground. 

It’s nice to have a big tent so we can all be together. 

Hannah brought along her hammock. 🙂

When evening came, everyone but Althea, William, Esther, and me went to Disney Springs to look around. Us who stayed at the campsite cleaned up some and then relaxed and hung out until the rest of us got back. The next morning we packed up, went to pick up grandma, and headed home. We basically had time to unload before getting ready to go to the Christmas Eve service at our church, which was something we had never done before and was quite special. 🙂 


I struggle with addiction. Not of substance abuse, but screens. Even now I’m satisfying that addiction. I know it’s harming my life, so why is it so hard to put down?

Humans by nature easily become addicted. Either we can’t live without the rush, the high; or we depend on the escape from real life. The dulling of the pain. The hours wasted so we’re that much closer to tomorrow, to the weekend, to the new year; when everything will change, I promise! But first I need to check my Facebook feed really quick. Not that I think anybody posted anything, but…. maybe someone did! Oh, someone posted something long and wordy about their current situation (snark), better scroll past. Look! A cute pic of a puppy! I’ll go to that page and look at more pics of puppies….. wait, it’s been two hours?!?!? Whoops. Too late now, better check YouTube and see if someone uploaded a video. 

^aka my thought process. 

This time, I’m not waiting for the new year, or next week, or tomorrow. I’m setting rules and boundaries and sticking to them. How can I expect to grow as a person if I won’t control how long I’m on my phone? There is more to this life than my screen. It’s time I live it. It’s time I get off the couch and go play basketball with my siblings. It’s time I go outside and practice handstands with my little brother. It’s time I cook dinner. It’s time I fold that laundry. It’s time I go to bed and put my phone away. It’s time to enjoy that sunset. It’s time to set aside the screen and live. 

The time is now.