{moving forward}

I was talking to one of my friends this morning (you know who you are) and we were agreeing on how tough this time in our lives is. How uncertain and generally floating it feels. How difficult it is to know how to move forward in our single, adult lives when it feels like we don’t have a specific road to take. Do we just keep doing the tasks in front of us, or do we go out and learn more things and gain experiences? How do we know if the path we’re on is the right one? How do we know that someone won’t drop out of the sky and change our lives forever, like what seems to happen to the people close to us?

All these questions and so few answers. Thank goodness we have each other and a God who knows our lives. With Him, we can move forward in confidence, knowing he will direct our steps. He will protect us. He will close doors if it is not His will for us to do that thing.


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