I struggle with addiction. Not of substance abuse, but screens. Even now I’m satisfying that addiction. I know it’s harming my life, so why is it so hard to put down?

Humans by nature easily become addicted. Either we can’t live without the rush, the high; or we depend on the escape from real life. The dulling of the pain. The hours wasted so we’re that much closer to tomorrow, to the weekend, to the new year; when everything will change, I promise! But first I need to check my Facebook feed really quick. Not that I think anybody posted anything, but…. maybe someone did! Oh, someone posted something long and wordy about their current situation (snark), better scroll past. Look! A cute pic of a puppy! I’ll go to that page and look at more pics of puppies….. wait, it’s been two hours?!?!? Whoops. Too late now, better check YouTube and see if someone uploaded a video. 

^aka my thought process. 

This time, I’m not waiting for the new year, or next week, or tomorrow. I’m setting rules and boundaries and sticking to them. How can I expect to grow as a person if I won’t control how long I’m on my phone? There is more to this life than my screen. It’s time I live it. It’s time I get off the couch and go play basketball with my siblings. It’s time I go outside and practice handstands with my little brother. It’s time I cook dinner. It’s time I fold that laundry. It’s time I go to bed and put my phone away. It’s time to enjoy that sunset. It’s time to set aside the screen and live. 

The time is now. 


2 thoughts on “{addiction}

  1. šŸ˜€ Three cheers! You can do it! There’s an app called Forest that Carrie recommended to me that lets you grow trees, but only if you stay on that screen. If you leave the app, your tree dies! It’s horrible, and so effective. šŸ™‚

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