What does maturity mean to you? How do you distinguish a mature person versus an immature person? Young adults, how do you define maturity in yourself and in your peers? Does that differ? Parents of young adults, how do you define maturity? What is it that young adults do that make you say they’re mature/maturing?
Is it selflessness? The act of putting the feelings, wants, desires of those around us above our own?
Is it a focus on God? The lifestyle of one who is earnestly seeking the One who loves perfectly?
Is it the ability to recognize the fact that those around us are humans with thoughts, feelings, and dreams, like we are?
Is it being able to look at other people and understand their circumstances effect their behavior?
I want to hear what you think. Please leave a comment; let’s start a discussion!

3 thoughts on “{maturity}

  1. A person is mature or is growing in maturity when they get to the point in their lives where it is no longer about themselves, but about God and what He wants from them. He is their focus and the lens by which they filter their actions. A mature person receives correction with humility, not resenting the discipline. Being content with what they have been given, they continually seek to use those things to glorify God. Such are the marks of a mature person.

  2. The picture of leaving camp puts me in a very reflective mood, so that might show here…

    I’ve always believed that maturity is shown when your responses (and your attitude about them) honor God and follow His leading. I suppose that Gabriel said it better than I. 🙂

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