{I stand amazed in the presence}

Today, while I was reading a book that I received yesterday for Christmas, God struck me with his faithfulness, once again. You see, I’ve been having a bit of a dry spell, a quiet period, a lonely time. But God met me today. While I was reading, I was also listening to music. When an album would complete all of the songs, I would open my phone and carefully search for another one that matched the tone of my book. On the third or fourth album, when I opened my phone yet again to switch the music. (note; I know some people may not understand how I could read and listen to music at the same time, but for me, I can be so focused on reading that I’m not actually reading because it’s only one sense that is experiencing new information, if that makes sense. So I listen to music that I’ve heard tens of times, which enables me to actually take in what I’m reading.) Once I had unlocked my phone, the notifications began sliding down the top of my screen, and saw Sydney had sent an image. We had been chatting some throughout the day, so I clicked to see what it was. It was an image of her computer screen, with a paragraph describing an experience we had shared at camp, one that had a deep, profound effect on both of us. We began talking about it all over again, and I felt it as if it had just happened. The wrenching of my heart, realizing how faithless I can be. The joy of knowing that God is faithful even though. And once again, tears streamed down my face and God met me in my pain. I remarked to Sydney how I was in awe that God could still welcome me back after I pushed Him away time and time again. But He still loves me. Oh, how He loves me!

The book I’m reading is called Daring to Hope, by Katie Davis Majors. Some may remember her previous book, Kisses from Katie. She is an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life, with ordinary struggles. Some may say no, she doesn’t have an ordinary life, she lives in Uganda and adopted 13 girls while single! But you see, that’s her ordinary. But she doesn’t stop at ordinary, and I think that is why she is an inspiration to so many. She loves God with everything. She knows Him intimately. She always, always, seeks to know Him still more.

Oh God, help me learn to make a habit of faithfulness.

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