{stay on the path}

This came to me at night, while I was lying in bed. It’s a sort of image of my life. I think we all feel like our paths can be very dark, while simultaneously knowing at least one of the big mountains God will call us to climb during our lives. 

what do you do

when your path is dark and cloudy

but you see a mountain

you know you will climb

when the time is right

you’ll summit the heights

but for now

you’re just left with a light

sometimes it shines far

sometimes just enough light for the next step

and you fear what will be beyond the shadow

you wish you could say

you always keep your head up


you don’t

sometimes the darkness is too much

sometimes you forget to use the light

so you stand

in terror

until again

the light shines through

and reaches to

your soul inside

and gives you courage

for one more step

reminding you

of the mountain ahead

with the steep slope

but amazing view

and your resolve arises anew

for the life that God has given you



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