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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, as you all very well know. This year was the first year that I can remember not wishing I had a significant other to share it with. I instead enjoyed the day with my family and my friends. I spent hours talking to some of my closest friends, eating with them, and spending time outside with them. Altogether, it was a lovely day, and it also happened to be Valentine’s Day. I’m so thankful that I got to spend the day with people I love. I think sometimes, we forget that Valentine’s isn’t only about romantic love, it is a celebration of love in general. Love between family, love between friends, and love between couples. Altogether, Valentine’s was a special day to me because I was with the people I love, and that is what it’s all about. The chocolate is a bonus. 😉 

 (Also Adam is adorable and I love him.) 


This blog is called thoughts of mine. So here are some. 

I went to Central America again. I got back at 1am Saturday (the 12th) morning. I left the church in El Salvador at 5:30 AM (6:30AM here) headed to the airport. And I did not want to leave. I spent about six hours in Miami with part of the team that was flying in that day and also had a long layover. However, the final flight I was by myself. Carissa picked me up from the airport and once I got in the car, I cried.

I cried again the next day, once I got to my friend’s house. And again, when I got home from there. I’m still not entirely sure why, but I did. I think it was because I left my sister in El Salvador and she was there but I am here. And I wanted to be there. I came home a week early because I was directing a Christmas play Saturday evening. When the time came for me to go to the church, I loaded my siblings up, went there, and wanted to go to El Salvador. However, I knew that that wasn’t okay, and I prayed and fought against it. When we actually did the play, I loved it! It went so fantastically and I am so proud of everyone who made it happen! (Hi Sydney!) 

The trip itself was amazing, and I am so thankful I got to go for even a week. I made new friends, and became better friends with some I knew before. I gained an evil step-uncle and a whole ‘nuther family. I spent late nights up talking with Jennifer. I spent days doing what I could. I spent mornings reading my bible and praying, and watching others do the same. I sat and worshiped the King of kings with my team. People encouraged me, and I attempted encouraging others. I saw places and people I love. I saw the limitless power of God. I prayed with my team. I prayed for my team. 

As per tradition, we hiked to two villages in the mountains. Exhausting and encouraging. I stuck to the front of the group for the most part. On the way back I was with the group that left first and didn’t stop until we got back. We did pause a couple times, but never for more than a minute. 😛 Most of those who are visible in that picture are those who I were with most of the time.  

The six men on the stage are the six elders of the church Honduras; la esperanza. The taller one in the middle got married while we’re were there. 🙂 (Marvin, in the white t shirt.)

There’s more, but I’m tired and my phone is typing super slow. 

God bless!



It has been silent here of late. Simply because, among the many things that I have been busy with, blogging has not been important enough to get on the back burner. As always, however, I shall not promise or attempt to do regular blog posts. 

Now, you must be thinking, if she has been so busy but hasn’t posted anything, what can it be? Only everything. Or at least, it feels like everything!

Along with turning 19, here are a few things that have been happening over the last several months:

  • I (with the help of Cheryl) have started a drama club which is technically part of our homeschool group. We are putting on the Christmas drama for the Christmas party celebration thing. 
  • We had our first film meeting for the homeschooler web series! It went really well and was a lot of fun. 
  • I began working at our family’s business store Mann Tile. I am doing marketing and media. 
  • Hannah and I are ministering with a group of people we know to some kids in a place called Rainbow Village. We do a church-in-the-park kind of thing. It’s a lot of fun so far!
  • My other job, the storyboarding one, started up again after a couple months of slow going. 
  • I made my first deposit for returning to Central America!!
  • Last but not least, this past Wednesday I got my license!! I am so happy to finally be able to drive myself around and not have to bother my family. 🙂

So that’s my life right now! All that keeps me quite busy, and that’s not counting the home and recreational stuff that I also do. 

Oh! One more thing. On Monday, mama, Suki, myself and my four younger siblings are beginning the long drive to Massachusetts to visit our grandma and our aunt who is visiting from England. 

Thank you all for reading my blog! Comment below and give me something I could write about next time. 



I was looking at the merch for some of my favorite books and couldn’t help coming over here to rant about them. I’ve already mentioned them: The Stormlight Archives. They are so amazing. They pull you in and make so you don’t want to put the book down! Which isn’t the greatest thing, since the two books that are out have total page count of 2,080. Yeah, it took even me a week to read them both. And I wasn’t going slow! I really enjoyed connecting with the characters and sympathizing with them. (Though Kaladin just needed to GET A GRIP!!! As you know, Elisa…. 😉 ) Shallan is awesome. She starts out really weird and you don’t know anything about her, but then you find out more and it’s just like. Wow. How does she keep up that attitude?!? Hehe. The Chasm part…. My favorite. Well…. Actually my favorite part is when *spoiler* gives Kaladin the *spoiler* and he gets his *spoiler* back. 😀 You just have to read it…. 😉

Warning: While they are very well written, they are not perfectly clean, so now you know. Actually, there’s more dirt than I personally like, but not the REALLY bad kind. And the rest of the content kinda makes up for it.

Anyways. Go read them.