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What does maturity mean to you? How do you distinguish a mature person versus an immature person? Young adults, how do you define maturity in yourself and in your peers? Does that differ? Parents of young adults, how do you define maturity? What is it … Continue reading {maturity}


June 4th-August 4th My summer spent away from home for the first time at camp. Lives changed. Friends made. Lessons learned. (to try to write pretty or just to dump…that is the question……) Though I wasn’t living at home all summer, I did come back … Continue reading {summertime}


<<As the name suggests, this is a rambly post. Read at your own risk.>>   It can be difficult publishing posts that have a lot to do with my inner thoughts, struggles, and hopes. It’s one thing to hit publish on something and just get … Continue reading {ramble}