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As many of you know, I was working on adapting one of my stories to a film. However, it was such a huge, expensive, and time consuming project, not to mention that my laptop crashed and took the script with it. With two of my siblings married, I wanted to get back to working on the film. I started talking to Brandon about it, and he said we should start in September, when his family got back from vacation. A few days later, I was talking to Cheryl and Suki about it, when Cheryl had an idea. “What if you do a web-series?!!!” I thought that was a brilliant idea. So did Brandon. It is incredibly easier, cheaper, and a lot faster. So Cheryl and I began to look for a book to adapt, because we thought it would be easier to adapt a book rather than write our own story. Well. We looked, and found a couple good ones, but one we can’t do (copyright reasons) and the other I hope to do eventually. I’m currently re-reading it, to get ideas for a modern adaptation, and I think it will be very doable. Cheryl also came up with an idea to do a web-series about homeschoolers, so that’s the idea we are working with right now. I just need to write a storyline for it… and give it some semblance of a plot. ๐Ÿ˜› I may decide to do the book adaptation first, because it will be a lot easier. We shall see.

I guess that about sums it up… I’ll keep y’all updated. ๐Ÿ™‚



I know, random title. Whatever. Anyway.
A lot has been going on around here, namely that my mother has gone to be with her ailing father in Missouri. He has pneumonia and lung cancer. He is not receiving antibiotics or treatment for cancer… Mama just told me he had a good day today though. I feel strangely disconnected from the situation, but I won’t go into all that.
Writing has been going slow lately, which is my fault. However, we did have a film meeting last week, which went tolerably well. I was pleased with the results. We finally decided how large the falcons are, which was the most productive thing that happened. I did go over many things with Maria (so glad you came!!!!) and Elisa. Brandon had a cool idea for the falcons, which we shall probably use. He wanted to be a wizard, but as there are none in the film, he settled for a falcon. Overall, the meeting was a fun success. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sometimes I realize all what I have to do in order to complete the film, and I get totally terrified, feel like freaking out and running away.

Maybe I should go write…

Oh wait.

I am writing.

… What do I write now?

Yeah. That is how I feel about writing everything…

I have an idea. All you all who follow my blog, give me something that you think I should do a blog post about, or a story starter. I’ll give it a week, and then start on writing them. What do you think?

I think I should do a blog series about some of my deep thoughts, so I can sort them out.

I stare at the letters on the keyboard, and realize that they contain a story. I merely have to unlock that story, and give it life. I pray that God guides my fingers and my heart as these letters come together in a story that glorifies Him, the One who gave me life and hope.

Oh! I had an idea. I’m going to write two versions of the father-daughter story: a fantasy one, and a fiction one. Then I shall hand them out to my friends and see which they prefer.

Perhaps, if you’re good, I shall share it on here as well.

… I feel horribly inadequate as a writer.


(Well that was quite random.)

Tuesday {2-25-14} {And updates!!!}

So actually, Monday was Bright Lights. Carissa has been teaching us about the Love of God, how it affects us, how incomprehensible it is, etc… Very powerful and convicting.

And Tuesday. Nothing much happened during the day, but in the evening, after Mama and Papa went on their date, us children went to the church for music practice. While there, I did my history homework, and…

… I started the script. Yes, I actually did. ๐Ÿ™‚ Announcement number one. And number two, we have a film meeting in a few days. I’m hoping to talk about announcing the film to the church, and casting, among other things. I hope it goes better than the last film meeting, which was rather, um, stressful, due to the amount of people and the lack of a table and Mr. Ortiz. But we did get stuff discussed, kind of. ๐Ÿ˜› Announcement number three, on Monday, Brandon emailed me that he has finally got the falcon model for our film! It looks amazing. I can’t wait to see it in action. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you all have a great weekend and following week. I have a bunch of posts swirling around in my head. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing them sometime soon… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, I’m hoping to work on the Father-daughter (please, if you come up with a better name for it, don’t hesitate to tell me. I haven’t thought of a single one. I want it to be gripping, to make you want to pick it up and read the whole thing.) story, as well as a fan-fic story. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Till next time,God bless,

Goals {Update}

In my last post I said how I wanted to write at least 100 words per week. Well, I just wrote 103. So I am changing from 100 WPW (words per week) to 500 WPW.

And yes, I did a lesson of math before writing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

On a completely random note, Esther (My 2 year old sister) has been singing. She is so adorable! She’ll sing things like “Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me,” and “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle bells.” So cute! I love her so much! Here is a picture:

2013 3154

(She does love her grandpas :D)

Yet More Progress!

Hello all!

The last couple days I’ve been working on both the movie, and today, the father-daughter story. ๐Ÿ˜€

This is what my sister Cheryl wrote to replace the last bit of plot I wrote. I like it much better than mine. ๐Ÿ˜€ I did add and embellish a few things, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

They arrive at the island. Al takes them to the great hall to eat and admire the magnificence of it. Ikus comes to bring Cassandra new clothes and they start talking. Cassie asks lots of questions and they start to become friends. Then after Cassie has washed up and changed clothes they return to the dining hall where the others have also washed up and changed. While eating, they hear that there is a meeting among the leaders about the ongoing war. Abelard asks if the humans can attend the meeting to offer advise, but the elders proudly refuse, saying they don’t need help. Then one elder says they should, and an argument begins which Abelard brings in the four to settle it.
This is a little about why there are so few falcons on the island, how humans get there, and a little more about Ikus, Keane and Karrick

There have been many falcons killed because of the war, which is why there is so few. There are many eggs, though the falcons don’t wish to hatch them (and raise them) in the middle of a war, so they stay dormant. The main population of the island is therefore humans who have been shipwrecked on the island, thus forced to stay. Ikus and her brother Keane arrived the same way. The ship they were on with their parents was destroyed and there were five survivors. Ikus (Ignatia–Fiery, ardent, one, full of honor.), Keane (Commander, honored, brave), their baby brother Karrick [he was born just a day before the shipwreck so he was named by Ikus] (Dweller surrounded by sea, Spiritual understanding), and two others. Their parents perished. They were very young, so they were raised among the falcons and took separate sides (Ikus and Karrick on one, Keane on the other) in the war.

This is a re-write of Cassandra’s character, written from her perspective.

Hi! My name is Cassandra, but I usually go by Cassie, Cass, or even C. I’m 16 years old, 5’3″, number five in ten siblings (nine living), and have long, slightly curly, golden brown hair which glints red in the sunlight. I have two older sisters (who have nanny jobs off of the farm, so they are only home at night and on the weekends.) and an older brother. My sister a year older than me died when I was 13 from an accident on the farm. I like helping my mother with my baby brother and sister (twins!!), as well as taking care of the laundry and sweeping and making breakfast. I also take care of the horses and milk the cows. We have a large garden which the sister younger than me and I help our mother with. My father and the two oldest boys work in the fields or carpentry shop, and take care of the sheep/goats. My youngest two siblings (aside from the twins, that is) take care of our chickens and ducks, feeding them and gathering the eggs. Now that I have introduced you to my family, I will tell you more about me, myself, and I. To start, we’ll say that I am nowhere near perfect. I just finished my schooling, so I have more time to devote to chores and the arts, as well as helping my mother teach my littlest siblings. I’m often impatient, and I have a quick temper, though the more I pray and read my Bible, the less I blow up. I am leaning to be swift to obey, listen and accept advise. I am a natural leader, so this one is rather hard. But, when God is helping me I do better. Or, rather, when I let God help. I often try to do things on my own which always results in a horrible mess, which God is always gracious to lead me out of. I love laughing, especially at myself. Making other people laugh is also an enjoyment. When I have free time, I enjoy reading, talking with my siblings and friends, drawing, writing, riding my horse, exploring the woods, and ever so many other things.

As I said, I began writing the father-daughter story. I got about 2/3 of the first chapter done. I will post it when I finish it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What I did write, I read to Suki, and it made her tear up. ๐Ÿ˜€


The Prophecy {Final Draft}

Hello all! I have decided that the prophecy is “done”. I heard that you want to stop writing before the work seems perfect, otherwise you can make it not-so-great. ๐Ÿ˜› Thank you all for your support in my struggle! Since I felt the prophecy was pretty much done last time, I am now re-posting it as the final draft. *Cheers* ๐Ÿ˜€

The Prophecy

When comes a raging war,

Betwixt the enemies bitter,

From a far off land will come the four,

And between us peace they’ll bring

Now, just because I said this is the final draft doesn’t mean that I don’t want any more suggestions, on the contrary: if you have a word or sentence that would fit better, please say so. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you all again!! Now perhaps I will begin the father-daughter story. Does anyone have a better suggestion for the name of that story??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a good Sunday everybody!!


The Prophecy {First Draft}

I’ve been thinking and praying about the prophecy. I just wrote this: [please note; this is the first draft. I will do at least one follow-up with a more polished version.]

The Prophecy

When comes a raging war,

Betwixt the enemies bitter,

From a far-off land will come the four

Who will settle and make us better.

Tell me what you think! If you have any suggestions for better words, meaning, etc… Please let me know! I want this to be the best it can be, and I’m not sure I can make it that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you all for your support!


Because I can’t think of a good title…

Hello. ๐Ÿ™‚

I thought I’d tell y’all (well, I think most of you know already, but whatever) how hard it is for me to be writing the movie right now. It is very, very hard for me to think about writing it right now, so it will probably be a long time before another progress post. Actually, I was feeling depressed when I wrote that post. When you have so many people counting onย  you, it is hard to say you aren’t having any inspiration, and then they (very nicely, of course) tell you all the stuff you can’t put it the movie, and make the plot so complex I don’t know where to begin writing.ย  ๐Ÿ˜› So that sums up how I feel about that, which is why I will probably write the prophecy and then this story:

A father and daughter live alone together. Their wife/mother died when the daughter was very young. The father vowed that he would keep his daughter safe. One night, when she is a teenager, she wakes up in the middle of the night. She had a dream that she had been kidnapped. Her father reassures her. Soon after, he goes to work, as normal. She goes to school. When he returns from work, she is not there as she usually is. She hadnโ€™t said anything about going to any of her friends. Then he remembers her dream. When several days pass, he comes to the realization that she has been kidnapped. Or worse. Broken, his life falls apart. How can he live without knowing if his girl is safe?!?!?! Is she alive?? He stops going to church. He loses his job. He becomes very depressed. This continues for a year or more. Then, one Sunday, he feels like he needs to go to church. The sermon is on giving everything to God. Right there, he gives his daughter to Him. When he returns home, he is at peace. He starts a journal of prayers to give to his daughter on her wedding day. Two years later, he is still peaceful. (The years go by him writing in the journal) He has resumed working, and is interested in a lady at church. One day, he returns home from work, and his daughter is there, waiting for him, alive and well. He hears her story of the years, and she tells him of the man who risked his life to return her to her father. She marries the guy, and her father marries the lady in a double wedding. Her father gives her the journal, hoping that she will use the lessons inside for raising her own family. The End. ๐Ÿ˜€

That is not the actual story, it is just the outline for the story. I want to write this waaaay more than write the movie right now…. perhaps somebody should slap me…. ๐Ÿ˜›

Plus, I have normal stuff to do, like school, and laundry, and cleaning, and cooking. So goodbye till next time!



So awhile ago, I posted about how my story is being turned into a movie [read here].

About a month ago, I began writing the plot outline for the movie:

Film begins with a voice-over, while showing the history of the Falcons. Cassandra finds Abelardโ€™s egg, and tells her father and other family members. Her day continues briefly. A few weeks later, Cassandra visits the egg to find it and the flames nearly doubled in size. Upon returning to the house and telling her father, they look at the history books, and discover that the egg should hatch very soon. The next few times she visits it continues growing, until one day, as she comes up to the egg, she finds it pulsing rapidly. Before she can run, the egg explodes, leaving a young falcon in the midst of the wreckage. Cass cautiously approaches the falcon, and jumps back when she hears his voice in her head. She tells him to stay, and runs to the house to report. She bursts into her fatherโ€™s study, panting, begins speaking very fast and rather in-coherently. She apologizes, slows down, and repeats what she said, then shrieks and points out the window. Her father turns to look, and sees the young falcon looking in mischievously. Abelard mindspeaks to them, telling them to calm down, and his name. He then asks if he can stay until he is grown. Upon being told yes, Abelard jumps off of the windowsill and goes into the Shadenโ€™s (Cassandraโ€™s last name) barn. Cassandra follows, asking him questions…

Two weeks later, Abelard has nearly doubled in size, and is exploring the woods. He finds Tavorโ€™s house, and Tavor, huddled outside, trying not to cry. Abelard comforts Tavor, and offers some council. The two part as unique friends, with Abelard promising to come often. Two weeks later, Abelard is fully grown, and is ready to test his wings. Cassandra watches him rise, circle and land next to her. She asks, sadly, where he will be going, now that he is grown. It is obvious she doesnโ€™t want him to go. Abelard then tells Cassandra that he must bring her, Kurt, and Tavor to help in a war that is going on in Lighton, and they desperately need their help. We then see Cassandra, Kurt, and Tavor making ready to go. A few days later the foursome meet up in the woods where Abelard hatched. A hot wind starts blowing, softly at first, then harder. The three humans close their eyes against it. Once they reopen them, they are on the island Lighton. Abelard tells them to wait, then flies off to find their guide. Soon, he comes flying back, along with Ikus riding her horse, their appointed guide. She has another falcon take their belongings to where they will be staying, and leads them around the city. The travelers ask Ikus if she knows why they were brought there.She tells them that she believes they are all part of a prophecy, and they will bring peace to Lighton.

Then.ย  On Sunday, we (Mr. Ortiz, Brandon, Cheryl, Carissa, Suki, Josiah, Mama and I) had another film meeting. The points we discussed (and answers/solutions we came up with) are these:

Film Meeting Outline 10/20/13

  • What is the conflict in the falconโ€™s world?
    Why are they fighting, and why do they need people from earth?
    The reason they are fighting is because of pride. Pride over what, I’m not sure yet, though I have a few ideas.

  • What is the world called?
    We decided it shouldn’t be a world. Instead, it is an almost-inaccessible island named Lighton (Thanks Maria for the name!).

  • What role do Kurt, Tavor, Abelard, Cassandra, and Ikus have in the conflict?
    They are ultimately the peacemakers. They teach through example how to let go of pride, and why it is a bad thing to hold onto it.

  • Who/what are the โ€œbad guysโ€ and why are they bad?
    Well, since the whole conflict is about pride, there is just one side that has one view, and another that has a differing view. Both have bad points and both have good points. The sides are made up of a few falcons each, and humans who stumbled (or were brought) on the island.

  • Who is the Villain?
    Ikusโ€™ brother?
    Again, because of the pride thing, no “Villian” However, the leader of one of the sides is Ikus’ brother Deigo. Ikus is on the opposing side.

  • Should Kurt, Tavor, Cassie, Abelard and Ikus be part of a prophecy?
    Yes. It adds a lot of plot that way. ๐Ÿ™‚

There you go! An update on the movie/film.

(Happy Althea??? And Elisa. And Maria. Now you have to leave a comment. Hehehehe. :D)