Falcons of Fire Film

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This is the story of how I got thrust (well, I wanted to do it too…) into making my story turn into a film. This is my largest current project.


… here is the story behind my story, and How I Got to be Writing a Film:

Last year my younger sister and I began attending a writing class, based on Institute for Excellence in Writing, or IEW. We learned many writing skills, techniques, and literary devises. That helped me to be able to actually write my story, but the idea came from my older brother. You see, he mods computer games, and one of his favorites is Age of Empires. He had created a modded character he called a Phoenix, it trailed fire as it flew, and spat fire to attack. It spawned in “eggs” that were small fires that grew larger as the time for the Falcon to hatch drew near. After hatching, it had three lives. In the first life, it had a weak attack, but many hit-points. After dying and coming back in the same way it originally hatched, it had a higher attack, but less hit-points. If the same thing happened again, it would have few hit-points, but a very high attack. Voila! My story. I worked on the idea, making it stronger in some parts, smoothing it out in others. I found names that mean what I want my characters to be like, wrote down the meanings, and began writing. After I finished the first part, I gave it to several of my friends, my family, and my writing teacher. I got good reports. Everyone like the story, and encouraged me to keep writing. I replied that, while I am going to writing class, I should focus on my homework, rather than writing for fun. Then, my mama told a family friend who makes short movies with his sons, and needed a script writer. Mama told him I wrote, and told him I would get the story to him. I did, and on Tuesday, I talked with him and his wife about making my story into a short movie!! I was expecting to write something different for it, but they liked the story so much they want to do that. I am excited, but I haven’t really figured out the plot. :P My friend will help me, and I will probably talk it out with the Ortiz’ (the ones who want to make my story into a movie.) so I can know fully what they are capable of animating.

I have, since then, begun figuring out the plot and have got thus far:

Film begins with a voice-over, while showing the history of the Falcons. Cassandra finds Abelard’s egg, and tells her father and other family members. Her day continues briefly. A few weeks later, Cassandra visits the egg to find it and the flames nearly doubled in size. Upon returning to the house and telling her father, they look at the history books, and discover that the egg should hatch very soon. The next few times she visits it continues growing, until one day, as she comes up to the egg, she finds it pulsing rapidly. Before she can run, the egg explodes, leaving a young falcon in the midst of the wreckage. Cass cautiously approaches the falcon, and jumps back when she hears his voice in her head. She tells him to stay, and runs to the house to report. She bursts into her father’s study, panting, begins speaking very fast and rather un-coherently. She apologizes, slows down, and repeats what she said, then shrieks and points out the window. Her father turns to look, and sees the young falcon looking in mischievously. Abelard mindspeaks to them, telling them to calm down, and his name. He then asks if he can stay until he is grown. Upon being told yes, Abelard jumps off of the windowsill and goes into the Shaden’s (Cassandra’s last name) barn. Cassandra follows, asking him questions…

Two weeks later, Abelard has nearly doubled in size, and is exploring the woods. He finds Tavor’s house, and Tavor, huddled outside, trying not to cry. Abelard comforts Tavor, and offers some council. The two part as unique friends, with Abelard promising to come often. Two weeks later, Abelard is fully grown, and is ready to test his wings. Cassandra watches him rise, circle and land next to her. She asks, sadly, where he will be going, now that he is grown. It is obvious she doesn’t want him to go. Abelard then tells Cassandra that he must bring her, Kurt, and Tavor to help in a war that is going on in Lighton, and they desperately need their help. We then see Cassandra, Kurt, and Tavor making ready to go. A few days later the foursome meet up in the woods where Abelard hatched. A hot wind starts blowing, softly at first, then harder. The three humans close their eyes against it. Once they reopen them, they are on the island Lighton. Abelard takes them to the great hall to eat and admire the magnificence of it. Ikus comes to bring Cassandra new clothes and they start talking. Cassie asks lots of questions and they start to become friends. Then after Cassie has washed up and changed clothes they return to the dining hall where the others have also washed up and changed. While eating, they hear that there is a meeting among the leaders about the ongoing war. Abelard asks if the humans can attend the meeting to offer advice, but the elders proudly refuse, saying they don’t need help. Then one elder says they should, and an argument begins which Abelard brings in the four to settle it.

Once the four have been brought in and the argument settled, introductions are made. Since there are four of them, this causes the elders to whisper between themselves, wondering if they could be the four. The decide that they must wait to discover. The next morning, Abelard and Ikus take Kurt, Cassandra and Tavor to the other side’s meeting hall to be introduced there. Kurt and Cassandra are beginning to see the blindness caused by the pride which began with the falcons and spread to the humans stranded. They meet Keane, the leader of this side. Ikus and Keane have a small disagreement. Keane is hurt because the three visitors are staying with Ikus and not him. He feels like Ikus is indoctrinating them against him. Ikus vehemently protests that, and the two begin a heated argument, drawing from past bitterness. Kurt and Cassandra say that she has actually spoke quite kindly about him, thus settling the argument while Tavor looks on. After another feast in this hall, the four return to their beds for the night, talking over the events of the day, as well as their plans for tomorrow. Kurt is awakened by a knock on the door of the room he slept in. Having arrived so late the previous night, he slept in his clothes. Hurriedly putting on her leather tunic, he goes to the door. Upon opening it, he beholds Karrick, Ikus’ younger brother, who has been sent by Ikus to fetch him to a breakfast on the grounds with him, Ikus, Cassandra, Tavor and Abelard. As they eat, they become fast friends. Once their repast is packed up, they take a tour through grounds, visiting the stables, library, courtyard, the kitchens for lunch, a ride to the battlefield which has been silent for several months, though some fear that a battle will be break out it the near future. After hearing a brief history lesson from Ikus with dramatic input from Karrick, the five head to Kurt’s room to discuss the next move. Kurt realizes that pride is a very large blinder on both sides, and gently begins to show Ikus her own blindness. Kurt then makes the decision to be an ambassador for both sides, simultaneously being the peacemaker to avoid a battle if at all possible. Cassandra, Abelard and Tavor readily agree to help, while Ikus is reluctantly realizing that this is the best way to avoid yet more bloodshed. Then they all head to bed. Ikus asks Cassandra many questions, realizing that she is as proud as anyone there and not liking what she saw. Cassandra tells her that she has made the first step; humbling herself to ask for help. Cassandra realizes that she herself is far too proud, and tells Ikus that she is taking into consideration all that she says to Ikus. After a while, the two drop off to sleep.

Abelard is seen in the library reading. It is now morning, a little before breakfast time. As he is reading, Kurt enters the room to call him to breakfast. Curious as to what he is reading, Kurt politely inquires. Abelard replies that he is seeking advice on what the Bible says about conquering pride. Kurt surprisedly says that he didn’t know they had Bibles there. Abelard replies that it was Ikus’ family’s Bible, and it had been read to him by her when he was in the egg. He tells how Ikus had taken a liking to his egg, strangely, and asked if she could read to him. When told she could, she faithfully read to him until he was sent to Cassandra. Kurt smiles, and then tells Abelard that their breakfast is ready and waiting. During the meal, Kurt continues asking Abelard questions about his view on the war. All the while, you can see Kurt is wondering what he could possibly do to help keep a battle from happening. Once again, there is a meeting between the elders, not only of Ikus’ side, but with Keane’s side as well. As before, a fight among them starts, becoming so heated that Kurt it stunned. We see how bitter the sides have become against each other, making it so that almost the only thing being talked  about is the past hurts and, in their eyes, injustice. Kurt rises, smashes his fist on the table, and yells out for silence. Surprised, quiet takes over the room. Kurt, trying to figure out what the arguing is about, asks Abelard. Abelard explains that, many years ago, when the land was one, and they had a proud king, the King over all the falcons, who had gifted his lords with land. His favorites received much more than others, making them bitter and hateful. Banded together by common injustice, they killed the king and his favorite lords, and took the land for their own. But that hadn’t solved anything, since now they had to divide the land amongst themselves. The leader of the outlaws proclaimed himself king, and dealt the land out again, though still skimping some falcons of the land they believed they deserved. Thus, war was declared and the falcons split. The outlaws to the new king took any land they pleased, killing when needed. The king battled long and hard against the outlaws, until he was killed. Too busy fighting to appoint a new king, the falcons continued warring until there were so few falcons left they called a truce. All through these long years of war, humans had been arriving and taking sides, and joining in battle, so that they continued the war themselves, though so few falcons were left. Now, Abelard explained, the fighting was over a king. In trying to restore peace, the humans declared there must be one king. But now, they had to decide who it was to be. This was the struggle now. Nobody could agree on any one being to rule them, causing many to call for a tournament of sorts, with the ones who wished to be king dueling it out. Others feared this would start a battle. This was the reason for the meeting. It was supposed to be a deciding council. The humans, however, have been plotting to completely overtake the world by killing the remaining falcons and never hatch more. While this plan is not known in general, we see the whispers of some, and perhaps a secret meeting. We’ll see.

At the last film meeting, we discussed these questions:

(Here are a few pictures of the meeting: )

Left to right: Me, Josiah, Brandon, Mr. Ortiz


Left to Right: Mama, Cheryl, Suki and I. I don’t know why they all look so concerned… 😉


Film Meeting Outline 10/20/13

  • What is the conflict in the falcon’s world?
    Why are they fighting, and why do they need people from earth?
    The reason they are fighting is because of pride. Pride over what, I’m not sure yet, though I have a few ideas.

  • What is the world called?
    We decided it shouldn’t be a world. Instead, it is an almost-inaccessible island named Lighton (Thanks Maria for the name!).

  • What role do Kurt, Tavor, Abelard, Cassandra, and Ikus have in the conflict?
    They are ultimately the peacemakers. They teach through example how to let go of pride, and why it is a bad thing to hold onto it.

  • Who/what are the “bad guys” and why are they bad?
    Well, since the whole conflict is about pride, there is just one side that has one view, and another that has a differing view. Both have bad points and both have good points. The sides are made up of a few falcons each, and humans who stumbled (or were brought) on the island.

  • Who is the Villain?
    Ikus’ brother?
    Again, because of the pride thing, no “Villain” However, the leader of one of the sides is Ikus’ brother Keane. Ikus is on the opposing side.

  • Should Kurt, Tavor, Cassie, Abelard and Ikus be part of a prophecy?
    Yes. It adds a lot of plot that way. :)

I have also written the prophecy for the film:

The Prophecy

When comes a raging war,

Betwixt the enemies bitter,

From a far off land will come the four,

And between us peace they’ll bring

Then, I wrote more history. There is a lot of history on the falcons, so I won’t post all of it here. Just this last bit. 😀

There have been many falcons killed because of the war, which is why there is so few. There are many eggs, though the falcons don’t wish to hatch them (and raise them) in the middle of a war, so they stay dormant. The main population of the island is therefore humans who have been shipwrecked on the island, thus forced to stay. Ikus and her brother Keane arrived the same way. The ship they were on with their parents was destroyed and there were five survivors. Ikus (Ignatia–Fiery, ardent, one, full of honor.), Keane (Commander, honored, brave), their baby brother Karrick [he was born just a day before the shipwreck so he was named by Ikus] (Dweller surrounded by sea, Spiritual understanding), and two others. Their parents perished. They were very young, so they were raised among the falcons and took separate sides (Ikus and Karrick on one, Keane on the other) in the war.

There you go! All (well, almost all) about my film in one blog post! 😀



5 thoughts on “Falcons of Fire Film

    1. Did this help you or make you more confused? I hope it helped you… If not, could you tell me what was confusing so I can edit this and try to make it clearer?
      Thank you!

  1. It looks real good Emily! Nice to have all the info in one place too. 😉
    For some reason I thought Ikus’s brother was Keane, but I guess it’s Deigo now?

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