The Father-Daughter Story

One Wednesday, during our women’s The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer study. We were studying chapter 2, which is on The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing. If you have never read that book, I highly suggest reading it! Anyway, I was thinking about how, we as humans somehow think we can keep our loved ones safe. When, in reality, the safest they can be is when we give their safety to God. This story stemmed from that thought. Enjoy! [First is the plot, then the first chapter.]

A father and daughter live alone together. Their wife/mother dies at the beginning. The father vowed that he would keep his daughter safe. One night, when she is a teenager, she wakes up in the middle of the night. She had a dream that she had been kidnapped. Her father reassures her. Soon after, he goes to work, as normal. She goes to school. When he returns from work, she is not there as she usually is. She hadn’t said anything about going to any of her friends. Then he remembers her dream. When several days pass, he comes to the realization that she has been kidnapped. Or worse. Broken, his life falls apart. How can he live without knowing if his girl is safe?!?!?! Is she alive?? He stops going to church. He loses his job. He becomes very depressed. This continues for a year or more. Then, one Sunday, he feels like he needs to go to church. The sermon is on giving everything to God. Right there, he gives his daughter to Him. When he returns home, he is at peace. He starts a journal of prayers to give to his daughter on her wedding day. Two years later, he is still peaceful. (The years go by him writing in the journal) He has resumed working, and is interested in a lady at church. One day, he returns home from work, and his daughter is there, waiting for him, alive and well. He hears her story of the years, and she tells him of the man who risked his life to return her to her father. She marries the guy, and her father marries the lady in a double wedding. Her father gives her the journal, hoping that she will use the lessons inside for raising her own family. The End. :D

Their last name is Roland. Walter Reginald is the father. Rena Elaine is the mother. Elizabeth Rose is their only child. She is fourteen. It is a Tuesday afternoon.


Chapter 1

A Promise


    Elizabeth unlocked the front door, walked in and dropped her backpack, kicking the door shut at the same time. “Mom, I’m home,” She called, walking into the kitchen. Then she spotted a note on the counter that read “I’m picking a few things up for dinner, be back soon. Love you! -Mom”. Elizabeth smiled and laid the slip of paper back on the counter. She got out a snack, fetched her homework, and headed upstairs to begin. About an hour later, she heard her dad get home. Jumping up, she started down the stairs. On her way, there came a sharp knock at the door. She stopped. Her dad opened the door and she let out a gasp. It was a policeman. “Mom,” she whispered. She couldn’t hear what he said to her dad, but she was pretty sure she knew. Her mom should be home. Quietly, she crept the rest of the way down the stairs. Before she reached her dad, he said goodbye to the policeman and shut the door. Turning around, he spotted Elizabeth. He reached his arms out for her and she ran into them and squeezed tight.

“Mom?” She whispered. He nodded.

“She’s gone. She’s gone!” Sobbing, they held each other close.

    “Daddy,” Elizabeth squeaked “how did she die?”

Her father released her and ran his hand through his hair, tears running down his face. He sighed, Pull it together! he thought.

    His voice shaking, he began, “She was driving through a light,” He swallowed “the driver on the right side wasn’t paying attention and didn’t stop, even though the light was red.” Pausing to gain control, he continued “the drive hit the driver’s side. They said she died instantly.”

    “Oh, daddy!” Elizabeth sobbed, hugging him again. Together, they wept for a long time.

At last they could stop crying long enough to go to bed.


Walter lay in bed, far too grieved to sleep. His thoughts flew to the last conversation he had with his wife, his Rena. She had sent him a text, “Hey honey, could you maybe pick up a few things for dinner on your way home? I’ll send you a list if you can.” He responded “No, I’m going to be working a little late tonight, don’t want to hold up dinner. :)” So cold! So unloving! Pounding his pillow, he cried, “Why didn’t I just go? Why didn’t I think? Why is she gone? God, why?” too choked up to continue, he sobbed until he finally fell asleep.


Elizabeth looked up at the ceiling, tears running from the corner of her eyes into her ears. “God, why? I need my mom! She loved you. She loved us! Why couldn’t you let her stay?” She cried for a bit, then continued, “ I know that You love me, and right now, I am hurting. Please hold me tight.” Relaxing, she felt strangely at peace. Soon she was sleeping.

    When she awoke she jumped out of bed, and looked at her clock. Ten o’clock! I’m late for school! Then she remembered. Her mom was gone. Gone! She laid back on her bed and cried, though she realized that her mom was in a better place. During a break in crying, her stomach growled. I didn’t eat dinner! She realized, so she went downstairs and got a bowl of cereal. Should I go to school today? I don’t think I could pay attention. Sighing, she wondered if her dad was up. She crept upstairs and went to the closed door of her parent’s room. He’s still sleeping, she thought, upon hearing his deep breaths from within. Returning downstairs, Elizabeth got out her journal and Bible to do her devotions. As she was reading, she heard her dad get up.

“Dad?” She called, “I woke up too late to catch the bus, should I still go to school?”


“No, I woke up earlier this morning and called your principal and my boss and told them why we won’t be there.” He called down.


“Okay, thanks. Do you want me to make you breakfast?”


“Sure, could I have an egg, sweetheart?”


“I’ll get right on it!” Elizabeth went into the kitchen and started getting it ready. Walter came up behind her and gave her a hug. Twisting around, Elizabeth wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. “I love you daddy,” she whispered.


“I love you more than anything in the world. I promise I will never let anything happen to you!”


“I know you won’t. Thank you.” Elizabeth sighed, then loosened her hold. “I think the pan is ready,” She said, turning around.


After Walter ate, they sat together on the couch, just being quiet. After a long time, he said, “I guess I should arrange a funeral.” There, he said it. Why did he have to arrange a funeral? Why did Rena have to be gone?


Elizabeth asked “Did you call Pastor? He should know.”


“I should call him. I’ll do that now.” He smiled painfully.


The rest of the day was a haze of calls, grief and pain for Elizabeth and Walter. Elizabeth tried to be strong, but she felt like half of her was missing. She had no idea when life would return to anything close to normal, if it even would. Walter knew that life would be forever different for both of them. He had no idea just how different it would be.

I began writing the second chapter, and am working on how Elizabeth gets kidnapped.

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